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So what is a flashlight taser? Well keep reading to find out..

A short history

Ciril Diaz of Cuba was the first person who thought up the idea to design something that could deliver an electric shock, a glove, in 1935.

The first Taser began being developed by a NASA researcher, Jack Cover, in 1969 and by 1974 he had completed the device. He named it after his childhood hero Tom Swift and it was called Thomas A. Swift’s electric rifle. Since it used gunpowder as its propellant, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Forearms in the U.S. classified it as a firearm. The patent was adapted in 1983 by Nova Technologies, when they released their first non-projectile hand-held stun gun. This design has since been widely copied and has been combined in various ideas which include compact stun guns, electric shock prods, stun belts, shields and the new flashlight tasers.

The difference between a taser and a stun gun is identified in how the weapons make contact with the attacker. The stun gun does not shoot a projectile, whereas the taser shoots out tiny darts connected to the device. The taser user doesn’t need to come into contact with the attacker.


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Operation principles of Tasers

The principle behind their operation is that a temporary high-voltage, low and non-lethal current, discharge overrides the body’s muscle triggering mechanisms; very much like cattle prods do. The resulting shock causes the muscles to twitch uncontrollably. Two metal probes, connected via wires to the device, immobilize the recipient, who will feel pain and may be momentarily paralyzed while the electric current is applied. When a taser is not in the drive stun mode it will not induce painful shock but will immobilize the attacker.

Tasers can reach up to 15 feet from the person using it and the victim will be incapacitated for up to 30 seconds. The taser user has to have the skill to hit the targeted attacker otherwise there is the possibility of missing him.

Advantages of carrying Flashlight Tasers

Guns are not always practical to carry around, while in some states and countries they are illegal. The flashlight taser is a high quality product that offers defense in any situation by stunning an assailant. Besides its ability to offer self-defense its flashlight is practical.

The flashlight with taser can conveniently be carried around by men and women as they go about their daily tasks and can easily be accessed at any moment. They are usually sold with a holster or wrist strap, but also fit perfectly in the hand or a small handbag. Anyone who has to walk about at night understands the need for a flashlight with taser since it combines self defense with a flashlight, doing two jobs in one.

Some models offer various settings modes which range from low to SOS and they all come with chargers, so no batteries are required. A safety switch makes them safe to carry.

All new models have effective flashlight technology, offering increased brightness through high lumen LED lights and strobe settings. This often scares attackers away before the defender even has to use the actual flashlight taser. Newer models also have high voltage coils for increased stun power.

High quality components guarantee that the flashlight taser will be with around for many years with a strong body to protect the light and rubberized handles for a better grip.

Flashlight Tasers are often used by policemen and have become popular with night watchmen. One of the safest methods of defense, which also offers extra lighting for convenience in darker areas, is the flashlight taser.


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Safety Concerns

Controversy is something that always arises where weapons are concerned. One of the concerns is about health issues and the use of the weapons. Tests conducted by the Cleveland Clinic found that tasers did not interfere with pacemakers and other implantable medical devices. There have also been no lasting effects of taser use on healthy subjects as observed by doctors at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center. Repeated stunning has proven to be lethal in some cases and is not recommended as it is excessive and unnecessary.

Even though most states allow the possession of tasers, others have limitations. Some allow possession but they cannot be carried or kept in a car. Some states require a permit. It is best for someone interested in buying to first check up on the requirements of the state before committing to owning a flashlight taser.

Consumers should note that they will have to read the instructions manual carefully and take special note of the safety instructions of the product and that it should always be used as recommended.

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4 thoughts on “What Is a Flashlight Taser – (Portable Personal Protection)”

  1. I honestly had no idea that flashlight tasers exist. As a woman, I think it’s awesome that these are an option because it can be really nerve wracking walking alone at night without any sort of protection. Are they pretty easy to figure out with the manual or is there a class or video that you should watch before carrying?

    1. Hi there,

      They are very simple to use Jenna, most will have a safety lock and then it’s just a simple button that needs pressed to activate the taser feature.

      A taser flashlight is a great self defense tool, you can use the bright light to deter before even using the taser.

  2. Oh wow, I loved this bit of history. Tasers are such an important option for safety, especially for people who don’t want to use a gun (or are in a situation where they don’t want to kill someone). Combining them with a flashlight seems like an ideal match — especially because nighttime, when you need a flashlight, is often when you want extra defense.

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