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What Is The Best Flashlight – You Need To See This

What Is The Best Flashlight Money Can Buy?

Since the reasons for which we need flashlights are relatively different, here are a few things to consider before choosing what is the best flashlight to buy.

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Flashlight Types

We know that there are quite a number of flashlight options to pick from whenever you check your online stores; however, it is worthwhile to know that flashlights can be categorized into different types.

Tactical Flashlights

These flashlights are basically created to suit military and paramilitary purposes. Tactical flashlights are military grade flashlights which are somewhat different from the ordinary flashlight for home use. These type of flashlights are usually used together with firearms to help with target-identification by allowing the user to aim and illuminate a target simultaneously. Tactical flashlights can as well be hand-held or handled without having to mount them on a weapon.

Common features of the tactical flashlights include their portability due to lightweight construction, very high-intensity illumination, long-lasting battery capacity, shock resistance, and multiple light settings, produced with weapons-grade aluminum and so on.

LED Flashlights

Flashlights are fitted with incandescent light bulbs from which light is emitted. However, the incandescent light bulb is gradually being replaced with light-emitting diode (LED). LED bulbs generally have a longer lifespan than the incandescent bulbs and are also more efficient than the incandescent light bulbs.

Most flashlights today make use of the LED bulbs and are thus referred to as LED flashlights.

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Flashlights can also be categorized according to the following:

⦁ Lumen- this is simply the unit for measuring light. One lumen simply put is like a unit of light in a dark room, hence the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. LED flashlights have from 20 to 200 lumens although, some high illumination flashlights, as well as ultra flashlights, can generate over 550 lumens. Ultra bright flashlights like those referred to as portable sun can generate over thousands of lumen. Some amounting to about 8,000 lumens. The average or mid-range flashlights produce about 300 lumens maximum.

⦁ Water resistance- water resistant flashlights can be categorized into IPX4, IPX7, or IPX8. Flashlights classified under IPX4 are the most common as it is the average water resistance rating. These flashlights can be used effectively in adverse weather conditions although they do not possess much water resistant capability. IPX7 categories of flashlights can be submerged in water for a short period without damage. And the IPX8 can be submerged to certain depths underwater depending on the manufacturer’s product. This category is usually manufactured for the purpose of underwater exercises such as diving and underwater repairs.

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⦁ Purpose- can classify your flashlights based on the purpose for which it is needed or used. Military flashlights as the name implies, are best suited for military purposes as well as tactical flashlights although tactical flashlights could be used for other purposes apart from military exercises and routines. Now your high-precision tactical flashlights might not be entirely effective for your other activities. The flashlights required for diving and underwater repairs, fishing, and hunting, camping and hiking all differ as these activities all have flashlights best suited for them.

We Now Have Below A List Of 9 Best Flashlights You Can Buy.

1. Anker LC90 Tactical LED flashlight

Anker LC90

You can only love this piece if you own one. It is extremely bright and has quite a tough body structure. Considering its features, the Anker LC90 flashlight merits its position at the top of the list. What exactly are you looking for in a flashlight? The Anker LC90 got it all. It is rechargeable, water-resistant, shock-resistant, has a tough structure, and it is overall one solid flashlight.

The Anker LC90 comes with a zoom feature where you may switch from wide to narrow beam as you’d prefer. It also comes with high, medium, low, strobe as well as SOS flash settings.

The LC90Is structured in a way to ensure it is both water and dust resistant.


2. Fenix PD35 Tactical edition LED Flashlight

Fenix FX-PD35TAC

The Fenix PD35 flashlight is one flashlight suitable for your everyday activities. It is built to withstand the elements structured with durable anti-abrasive aluminum. It has an average lifespan of about 30,000 hours with its 1000-Lumen brightness capacity. Fairly lightweight and durable as well as comfortable to carry about without risk of falling often, due to its anti-slip and anti-roll body structure.

The flashlight runs on one 18650 rechargeable battery. Although it also allows for the use of two 3V CR123A batteries. It is water resistant; thus heavy downpour isn’t going to be a problem.

There is a special low voltage to remind you to recharge.

This flashlight could be purchased for below $100, a reasonable price for a device with its spec.


3. J5 Tactical V1 PRO Ultra Bright Flashlight

J5 Tactical Flashlight

A military grade flashlight always comes in handy. The J5 is suitable for military use although it works just fine for most purposes other than military and police use.

While this flashlight is very portable, it carries a considerably high beam despite its size. Its light beam can extend to about 500 feet.

It also has extended battery life and costs quite little for a military grade flashlight.


4. Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED flashlight

Streamlight 75458 stringer

One of the best tactical LED flashlights suitable for everyday purposes. It has a lightweight and durable structure.

It is a super-bright, portable LED flashlight which comes with user-friendly settings which are very easy to go through. Its battery life provides about 90 minutes if set to maximum (if fully charged) and 4 to 5 hours if set to the least setting.

It also has quite a wide beam of about 200 to 300 meters.


5. ThruNite TN36

ThruNite TN36

The Thrunite TN36 flashlight is another powerful flashlight having a lasting battery life, as well as water and impact resistance. It has a 7300 Lumen output via its LED bulbs which are highly energy efficient. It is also light-weight, having options of 6 different output modes.

It is very suitable for wide or large spaces especially if enclosed. It generates about 7300 lumens with a beam spreading to over 200 meters.

It is however not a small structured flashlight. It is in fact almost the same size as can of soda.


6. ThruNite Archer V3 flashlight

ThruNite Archer V3

This elegant piece is surprisingly around a $30 dollar price range. It is a very portable flashlight suitable for carrying in your purse. It weighs just about 1.7 ounces so it can easily be carried around with you everywhere you go and can easily fit into any purse or back-pack no matter how small.

Running on AA batteries, it provides the user with about 17 hours on the highest mode and about 80 hours on the lowest mode. It has a total output of 500 Lumens, and its beam extends to a 188-meter distance. Due to the aluminum with which its body is structured, the flashlight is completely water and dust resistant.

Though it is small physically, it has a no-roll structure and can thus stand perfectly on its end. It comes with the options of five different modes.


7. Streamlight 66121 Stylus Pro Pen light

Streamlight 66121 pen light

Although pen lights are not usually given much significance, they come with their uses.

Aside those in the medical field, the pen light is one handy piece for any individual whether male or female regardless of their lifestyle. It is so portable you may even forget you have a flashlight on you.

This flashlight isn’t just portable; it is also durable and quite efficient. It is waterproof and generates a steady beam of light. It has an aluminum-alloy coating to prevent the risk of breaking easily on impact due to its small structure.


8. Maglite LED 3-cell D flashlight

Maglite 3d led d

The Maglite LED 3-cell flashlight has the most unique feature of flashlights with extended battery life-span. It is a shock resistant, weather and water resistant flashlight commonly seen with cops and emergency responders.

For regular persons, this flashlight can however also be a very reliable source of light, especially when in distress. It could be carried along for your fishing expeditions, camping, outdoor events and so on. Even during emergencies like power outages, it comes in quite handy.

Although it generates only about 170 lumens, it has a somewhat impressive brightness coupled with its capacity to stay up to 80 hours without recharge.

This is simply your everyday flashlight because it was built to withstand rough tasks yet last so long. It should be your number1 survival gadget.


9. BYB Super Bright 9 LED mini aluminum Flashlight

BYB Mini Flashlight

This happens to be one of the best-valued pieces in the market. Very affordable and really portable. Now, this portable mini-flashlight can suit almost every purpose you can think of. They are so small yet provide enough juice to keep you going. You can pick it up for your camping tours, dog walks, fishing and so on.

The BYB super bright mini-flashlight is very inexpensive and easy to operate. It runs on common easy to change standard AAA batteries and packs a run time of about 30 hours.



There are so many great flashlights available today, make sure you choose the light that best suits your needs and has all the features your looking for.

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