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Outdoor Solar Lights – For Style And Security

In the past lighting your outside space had always been such a hassle. You would have to choose where you wanted the light to go, dig a channel to run the cable to the lights or drill through brick and then wire them up to a power point. If you were unlucky you might even damage the cable with a spade or fork by accident.


Halogen Security Light

You can now have the style and security of outdoor lighting be it with or without motion detectors and none of that hassle, because you can buy outdoor solar lights that can work without mains wiring and recharge themselves with the power of the sun.

Why Go For Solar Outdoor Lights?

You can choose a light that turns on automatically at dusk, lights that can be manually turned on and off or wall mounted security lights that will turn on when motion is detected “like an unwanted guest”.

These light are so simple to install, being powered by the sun and storing the electrical charge in an internal battery, there are no cables to worry about and at the most will require a few holes in a wall for mounting. Just choose where suits you best and place them there.

Small Solar Light

If you are looking to cut cost on electricity bills, then installing solar powered lights across your yard and gardens will definitely save you some extra cash. Despite their capacity to turn the energy of the sun into electrical energy, outdoor solar lights are manufactured without intent to compromise the beauty of your yard.

These environmentally friendly and easy to maintain outdoor solar lights can come in some of the most beautiful and elegant designs.

While some especially the decorative lamps can be staked to the ground, security lights can be fitted to poles or mounted on walls surrounding the yard.

How Long Does A Solar Battery Last For?

With modern Li-Ion battery technology (also found in your smart phone, cordless drill, electric car to name a few) the battery can depending on size last up to and above 10 hours on a day’s charge. You don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries because they’re rechargeable, so you’re getting your free energy from the sun not from the main’s and not having to worry about replacing batteries. It’s a win / win combination.

Some Benefits Of Outdoor Solar Lights

Due to the variety in types and styles of outdoor solar lights, it is considerably easy to find lights matching your desire and required design. Imagine wanting to light up your yard or garden with Patio torches, Solar lamps like the Newhouse lighting solar flickering LED Tiki torches will give you that desired effect without you having to deal continually with the flames from Patio or Tiki torches.

The benefits of replacing your lighting with solar-powered lights are quite numerous. Solar lights are predominantly cost-effective and can save owners and users a considerable amount of money spent on maintenance and electricity bills.

Solar lights convert the energy from the sun into electrical energy; thus they are suitable for use even in places and environments lacking electricity. That is even places without electrical grids could be easily lit up with the aid of solar lights.
Solar lights range from household lights to decorative lights and even outdoor security lights.

Outdoor solar lights provide a much more convenient and less expensive way to keep the neighborhood lit up at night. Without recourse to electrical grids, entire streets can still be properly lit for drivers, pedestrians and overall security of an area.


Dark Road at Night


Some of the benefits of using solar energy based lightnings outdoors include;

  •  The reduction in the cost of electricity bills
  •  Their durability and easy to fix nature
  •  Solar lamps could be conveniently installed without the aid of expert individuals
  •  It reduces the dependence on fossil fuel
  •  They operate on clean and renewable energy
  •  There is no need for visible wires except in rare cases
  •  It does not in any way cause nor increase atmospheric pollution as no gas is emitted
  •  There is no reliance on electricity to power it
  •  It can be conveniently installed outside, either on a wall, pole or even staked to the ground
  • Works when the power is out!!– Because the light’s are not connected to your main’s the lights will work if there is a power cut
  • Maintenance is relatively cheap; and so on


How Bright Are Solar Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor solar light’s have a large variation in light output as decorative lights can have a low flame or glow effect but outdoor security light’s can have a massive light output, well over 1000 lumens

“See Link To Lumen Scale Here”

Of course, it depends on what you intend to use the light for so make sure you chose a light output that suits your requirement.

Solar Down Lights

Down lights placed on the outside of your house or garage can really make your home stand out with bright warmth and of course add security, they also look fantastic in my option.


What Are The Downsides Of Solar Lights?

The main downside to a LED solar light compared to a conventional halogen bulb mains light are the LED lights can’t be replaced like a normal bulb. LED bulbs do last on average 10 x longer then a normal bulb so you are going to get years and years of use out of the light before this is an issue. In general outdoor electrical equipment, due to the exposure to the element’s, fails after a few years anyway.

The other thing to be aware of is if the solar light has a dirty solar panel the battery will not get a full charge and the light might not manage to stay light all night if you have it on a constantly light setting.

But overall the advantages of a solar outdoor light easily outweigh the negatives.

Types Of Outdoor Solar Lights

There are a variety of ways in which outdoor solar lights can be categorized; however, in this article what we consider is the purpose for the lights. Installing outdoor solar lights could be for security, decoration and/or beautification or merely illumination.

⦁ Garden and pathway lamps- outdoor lights falling under this category are mainly for the purpose of aesthetic purposes. Garden lights offer a different kind of glow perfect for beautifying and adding glamour to a yard. These type of lights are not usually as bright as the security lights or those built merely for illumination. Pathway lamps although similar to the garden lamps can be staked into the ground or fitted on poles along a path to illuminate such path as well as beautify it.

⦁ Street lamps- these solar powered lights provide drivers as well as pedestrians, the illumination necessary for whatever activities geared towards nightfall. It also serves a sort of security purpose by discouraging illicit activities due to the bright illumination it provides.

⦁ Security lights- security lights are fitted with the sole purpose of providing security to a yard or building. They could be mounted on walls, flagpoles, or even hung from structures. Most recent solar powered security lights are also fitted with motion-sensors to further deter intruders.

Below Are Some Examples of Outdoor Solar Lights and Lamps you May Consider.



1. InnoGear Yard Solar spotlights


Innogear Solar Spotlight


The InnoGear solar spotlight is a 200-Lumen generating outdoor solar light with two modes. It can either serve as a wall light or a yard light mounted on a supplied spike.

Both the solar panel and the light are adjustable. The solar panel can be adjusted to maximize the required sunlight needed.
It takes about 8 hours to fully charge when the day is not cloudy.

Its two modes are dim and bright both having run-times of about 12 hours and 6 hours respectively, the lights will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

The light is IP65 water resistance so can handle rain no problem, the built in battery is a 18650 Li-ion battery that can be replaced if necessary.

Set of 4 available on amazon for $69.99



2. GARDENBLISS Outdoor Solar Lights (10 pack)




The GARDENBLISS solar outdoor light set is an easy-to-install outdoor solar light, its installation require no tools, simple chose your desired spike height and push the light into the ground. It is built to withstand every kind of weather.

This light features a stylish compact package that holds the solar panel, battery and LED light all in one, The outdoor solar lights also feature a automatic no at dusk and off at dawn feature so no need to turn the lights on and off each night.

With over 1700 customer reviews and a average of 4/5 stars, you just know your buying a highly rated solar light set.

They are available on Amazon for $36.99


3. Solar String Lights Outdoor 500 LEDs

Solar String Lights

This LED String light set is a little bit different from the previous solar lights, this lighting option is a twist on the outdoor Christmas light you see on people’s homes but they do not plug in to the a power socket they get there power from the sun, so you could put them there you don’t have access to power, use them to color your garden or house at night or use them as Christmas lights.

With 500 LED bulbs and many lighting options plus a remote, there a great versatile lighting option.

The solar string lights are water resistant and available for $39.98 on amazon




4. Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights


BAXIA Solar Security Light


The main purpose of this solar security light is to light a area for a short period of time (around 30 seconds) be it to aid you at night or deter an unwanted guest.

The Baxia Technology Solar Lights provide very bright light (up to 2000Lm) which can effectively illuminate a large area and can thus be used as a flood light. It is, however, a motion-sensing type of light, this light can not be use to constantly light an area.  It comes with just a single mode which is triggered only if motion is detected within an area of about 12 feet. When it is triggered.

It can last a considerably long time since it only turns on when it has been triggered by motion.

If what you need is a light to completely light up your yard, this may not be your best option but by strategically placing this light around your home you can light separate areas when needed.

This light set comes in a pack of 2 and is available for $36.99 on amazon.


5. Othway wall and Fence Post Decorative Solar Lights


OTHWAY Solar Wall Light


This light is suitable for individuals seeking to add style to their walls and fences. It is a decorative type of light which provides constant but dim illumination over a short run-time. It is easy to mount and packs only about 12 Lumens.

The Othway wall/fence decorative lights are mainly aesthetic. It is for aestetic rather than illumination. The lights have a single mode which is auto-on when darkness creeps in and off when light is being detected.

This light is a fantastic product if your looking to add a bit of glamour to your outside space and with over 1200 amazon reviews and a average of 4.5/5 stars it a trusted product.

Available on amazon at $22.99 for a pack of 4.


6. Aootek 3 Mode Outdoor Solar Lights

AOOTEK Solar Security Light


The Aootek 3 mode outdoor solar lights packs a capacity of 450 Lumens, with 3 different modes and it requires mounting on a fence or a wall. These lights are flexible and have a physical structure that allows them the farthest possible reach.

The light has 3 different modes, the simplest mode is the automatic mode where the lights turn on when it’s dark and turns back off when it senses light. The other two modes are motion sensing modes. One for bright light and the other dim.

As with most outdoor solar lights this light has a IP65 water resistance rating.

This light has over 1400 reviews on amazon with a average rating of 4.5/5 stars and is available for $27.99 for a pack of 2 lights.


7. TomCare Solar Flickering Flames, Lights, Torches.

Tomcare Solar Flame light


With the Tomcare Solar flickering lights your getting a authentic looking flame with out the dangers and hassle of a traditional flame torch, the lights will charge themselves through the day and auto turn on and off at dawn and dusk.

The lights will last up to 12 hours on a full charge and require no wire’s or tool to install, just place them in the ground at you’re desired location and enjoy.

The solar outdoor lights can be left outside in all weather conditionals thanks to their IP65 water resistance rating and with over 1000 reviews on amazon with a rating of 5/5 stars they certainly are a popular choice.

A set of 4 solar lights are $79.99 on Amazon.




Solar outdoor light’s are a great modern choice if you want to improve your garden and home, be it for styling or security.They are self charging, energy efficient and come with many options and features that were only dreamed of a few years ago. So make the most of modern LED, battery and solar technology and improve your home and garden.

If you have any questions or comment please feel free to leave the below.

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