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Everything you need to know about the Rechargeable Streamlight flashlight.

The best lighting tool for completing any job is the right lighting tool. At Streamlight they have developed a wider range of specific flashlights than any other lighting supplier, helping you complete your tasks faster and more efficiently. Streamlight holds over 150 US patents for its innovations and over 100 US and foreign trademarks – a remarkable achievement for a lighting company.

One of the most recognized brands globally, Streamlight is approved by the military and public security sector and their flashlights are used by almost everyone from homeowners, motor mechanics, and military personnel. The reason can be attributed to their uncompromising quality and excellence of design and accountability. This has driven Streamlight to continuously improve on their products through new innovations and technologies to ensure flashlights that are brighter, lighter, longer lasting and more compact.

streamlight flashlight

A Brief History

Streamlight started producing lighting tools just over 45 years ago and is currently located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA. Besides the manufacture of flashlights powered by rechargeable and disposable batteries, they are known for their specialized lighting. These include weapon-mountable lights, a right angle light for firefighters and Laser Illuminators, a combination of LED weapon light and laser.

Manufacturing Standards

The company strives to make peoples’ lives easier so they concentrate on offering quality workmanship and materials that last.


1. Design and engineering

In order to be able to solve their customers’ problems, the team at Streamlight design and build each light with the purpose of offering safety and efficiency for users. Members of their design and engineering team go out into real-world situations in order to test each light for the purpose it is designed.


2. Resource management

Stringent environmental waste reduction initiatives are part of their materials management program, ensuring that they do their part in protecting the environment.


3. Durability

Every product is tested to ensure that it will survive the normal wear and tear of the job it is designed for.

rechargeable streamlight flashlight

Choosing the Right Flashlight

Streamlight has developed three series of flashlights so that you can choose the right one for the job.


⦁ Tradition Series

Designed for the broadest range of lighting they are ideal for general, multi-purpose use.

They offer an optimal balance of candela and lumens and the longest regulated run times.

They are typically used for day-to-day industrial use, law enforcement; general contracting work and for vehicle maintenance.


⦁ High Lumen (HL) Series

These give maximum illumination from a high lumen beam and a good level of candela

They provide full situational awareness because of their extraordinary delivery of bright light in a wide beam pattern.

They are perfect for lighting up smaller areas, where a lot of concentrated light is needed.

They don’t have a long reach.

Typical uses include searching a dark alley, lighting a campsite, vehicle stop, and search patrols and scene illumination.

They are usually small enough to fit in a pocket.

streamlight rechargeable

⦁ High Performance, High Lumen (HPL) Series

Because of their high-candela beam these are a perfect choice for down-range applications which require optimal beam distances.

These flashlights have enhanced lumen output and deliver long-range lighting.

Their bright beam is peripheral and they throw more light on a target from a distance.

Typical uses include search and rescue missions, down-range illumination, inspecting utility lines from ground level and to light up a dark alley all the way down.


Disposable Battery Versus Rechargeable

⦁ Disposable

Both alkaline and lithium batteries have a long storage life of between 7 and 10 years. Their running costs are higher than those of rechargeable batteries and they don’t offer very bright lights. Lithium batteries are the more costly of the two.


⦁ Rechargeable

Rechargeable flashlights are better suited for frequent use. They use either nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion batteries. These flashlights might cost a little more to purchase but offer low operating costs.


⦁ Rechargeable 18650 USB

The lithium-ion 18650 battery is rechargeable on a USB port. The initial purchase price might be higher, but the running costs over the rest of the life of the flashlight are low.

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Know the Bulb Types

Lumens of bulbs are a measurement of the total output of a bulb, whereas in a LED it is the measurement of all the light inside the angle of the beam. Cadela refers to the measure of the brightest spot in a focused beam.

Today’s flashlights depend on LED bulbs to produce light. This new technology offers cost efficiency and long life. LEDs offer flexibility and you can adjust the output and beam pattern according to your needs. Streamlight offers a choice of the following bulbs:

⦁ LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes – They offer up to 100,000 hours of light so don’t need replacement. They can run for longer periods on less power and are available in various colors, including Ultraviolet. At Streamlight they use some of their engineering technology, including a reflector, to increase the brightness and create an intense beam of light.

“Chip on Board” (COB) LED – Nine or more multiple LED chips are used together as one lighting module placed directly on a circuit board. When lit up the lights don’t show as individual lights, but look like a lighting panel.

⦁ Combination LED/COB LED – The combination of LED and COB LED offers intense brightness for long distance and flood beam for up close. This is a multi-function light that offers flexibility.


When choosing the right flashlight you must take into consideration the type of environment that it is to be used in and if it carries the proper approval ratings. All Streamlight flashlights are properly tested to meet all applicable safety standards for the environments they are meant to be used in. When choosing which flashlight suits your needs best you will be able to see what safety division it falls in according to the National Electric Code (NEC). Class I is if flammable gases, liquids or vapors are present, class II is the presence of combustible dust and Class III refers to ignitable fiber in the atmosphere. All Streamlight flashlights are tested and certified by the world’s leading independent laboratories so that you can be sure that they are safe in the environment that you will be using it in. Choose your favorite model of Streamlight’s rechargeable flashlight today and enjoy a lifetime of bright light.



Rechargeable Streamlight flashlights are designed to suit various lighting need. With different series to suit each and every situation, they  designed and made with modern high-tech features, are rechargeable Streamlight flashlights the perfect lighting source for everyone needs? well just maybe they are.


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  1. Your post was great, everyone loves a good flashlight. Laying out all the different options and choices to pick from. Who knew there was really that much to know. I especially liked your comparisons on the different batteries to chose from.
    I will look back at this post when I go to get my next flashlight. Well done.

  2. These guys have some pretty amazing records. For them to have so many patents shows just how creative and innovative these guys are. I have actually seen some of their works and I was really impressed. I have not come across other brands that are these good in this particular industry.

    Keep it up guys because you guys are doing some amazing work.

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