The history and evolution of Maglite has played a massive part in the overall development and progression of flashlights in general, bringing a well made reliable battery flashlight to the masses in the mid 20th century and with continues development with new lighting and battery technology have been up there with the best flashlight manufactures ever since then.

So what is Maglite history and there company ethos??


Maglite history

The Story Of The Lion and the Gazelle

A quite popular African folklore about the Lion and the Gazelle goes thus:

In an ancient African jungle, there lived a gazelle and a lion. The gazelle wakes up every morning in the jungle with just one thought in his mind; the thought of out-running the Lion in an attempt to save its own life, otherwise, it will be killed and used for food by the Lion that day.

The Lion on its own part goes to sleep and awakens in the jungle every morning with the thought of how to out-run and capture the gazelle for food, lest it dies of hunger that day. So, the race for survival continues every day in the jungle.

This story has always been one of the biggest sources of inspiration for the Maglite team, till date. Little wonder why the team has remained relevant in the flash-light industry for years and is only growing stronger by the day.

In life, whether you choose to be the Lion or the Gazelle, one thing is certain; you must run for survival. It is only wise that you run the fastest. The Maglite brand has been running among the fastest for years now in the flashlight industry and has maintained a lead in the race.

What Is Maglite Flashlight

Maglite Flashlights is one of the most popular flashlight brands in the United States of America.

The brand is manufactured by the Mag Instrument, Inc. Which is located in the city of Ontario in California.

The flashlight brand which was founded in 1979 by Anthony Maglica is reputed for manufacturing its products in the United state, using American manufacturers, unlike a few other flashlight brands who manufacture outside the shores of America.

Maglite Flashlights are produced in a variety of colors, ranging from black to blue, silver, purple, red, gold, green, and many other finishes.

In its origin, the brand made use of krypton or xenon incandescent bulbs for its products, but its latest models have inculcated the use of LED bulbs, even though the older models is still very much available and widely used.

History Of The Maglite Brand

maglite history

The Maglite flashlight brand started with one man’s total commitment to quality illumination far back in the 1950s. The brand’s history began when Anthony Maglica, armed only with his passion for hard work and his talent set out to fulfill his American dream by establishing the Mag Instrument Inc. In the year 1955 and manufacturing his first product that caused a revolution in the entire flashlight industry.

Mr. Maglica started out by designing precision parts for the military and industries. He earned a quick reputation for himself owing to the efficiency, high quality, and ingenuity of his work.

Eventually in 1974, having demonstrated his unique abilities to innovate and to create superior quality instruments for lesser production costs, the Mag Instrument Inc. was incorporated in America.

Mr Maglica soon built a team of highly qualified and competent staffs and the team continued to grow and improve in the quality and design of their products and this helped a lot in keeping them ahead of the competition in the industry.

The brand was built on a Hands-on leadership policy and a core approach to business which involves The combination of top quality for all the Maglite products and a customer service that is second to none.

Today, the Maglite Flashlight brand is undoubtedly one of the best and most trusted flashlight brands in America and all over the globe, with Mr. Anthony Maglica as the president of Mag Instrument Inc.

The Development Of The Maglite Flashlight Brand

Since the introduction of the Maglite Flashlight in 1979, the brand has produced a number of models, evolving to be better and provide better quality. After the success of its first product, the brand followed up with the MagliteRechargeable Flashlight System, after which followed the Mini Maglite AA Flashlight which was also followed by the Solitaire Single AAA-Cell Flashlight. And the brand kept on evolving and is still evolving today.

Who Has And Where Has The Maglite Flashlight Been Used

The success story of the Mag Instruments Inc. And the Maglite Flashlight brand has been a quick, tremendous and lasting one as many very prominent people have used and testified to its high quality and efficiency.

Not just that, uncountable ‘ordinary’ users have also told tales of how good the flashlight brand is. The brand has also featured in some pretty high and important places with testimonies of its excellent output always taking the day.

Words about the excellence of the brand were first spread by police officers, mechanics, firefighters, construction agents, etc. Who used the first model of the brand’s products in 1979. From there on, many other professional and domestic users have talked about the rugged and reliable flashlight brand and how efficient it is.

The Maglite Flashlights have been featured in the Japan Institute of Design, the Applied Arts Museum in Germany, etc. The brand was ranked among the top 100 products that “America makes” by the Fortune and Money Magazine, it was also referred to as the “Cadillac of flashlights” by the Wall Street Journal and Gilbert F. Amelio, a one time C.E. O of Apple Computer once said he wanted a situation where Apple will be “essentially the Maglite of computers”.

What Maglite Flashlight Has To Offer Now

maglite 3d LED


In line with Maglite’s continuous innovation to meet the dynamism of the world and set the pace in the flashlight industry, the brand is currently offering the new Maglite ML-300L 6-Cell flashlight which is the latest version of the ‘gold standard’ Maglite.

The rock-solid, LED, heavy, corrosion resistant and waterproof flashlight is the ideal portable lighting tool for security guards, construction workers, police officers, and anybody who wants a flashlight that is awesomely powerful and can also serve as a security tool for personal defense as well.

In the race of flashlights today, putting into consideration all the unique qualities of the Maglite brand, it is obvious that the brand is taking the lead.

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