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If you are struggling to work out how bright a flashlight or a LED bulb is or what to compare it to, well you’re in luck I have put together a handy lumens chart and a few pictures for you’re comparison, showing you all you need to know about lumens and what to look out for.


lumens chart

The Importance Of The Lumens Chart

What is the connection between an LED light and the Lumens chart? You’ve probably wondered about this whenever the word “Lumen” comes to mind. Well, the technology behind lighting and basic lighting equipment goes beyond what meets the eye. A lot of processes are involved when it comes to manufacturing the perfect flashlight, as well as other lighting solutions. In recent years, the LED flashlight has become one of the most sought-after equipment in the homes, garage or outdoors.

Asides from the numerous benefits like; an optional battery, a great shelf life, and other amazing features, its brightness are second to none. The brightness of an LED flashlight and other variations are as a result of the Lumens present in them.

A lot of people are not knowledgeable about what exactly a Lumen and the Lumens Chart has to do with the brightness of lighting equipment. However, this article will enlighten you on what these terms mean and why they are necessary.


What Is A Lumen?

lumen scale

The term “Lumen” stands for light, which are a no-brainer considering the fact that it are a measure of the brightness of the light. Just as Watts is the measure of energy in a light, Lumens is used to tell how bright a light is. The brightness of a light in any lighting solution largely depends on the purpose of its use. Now, for years, the world has been purchasing bulbs based on the watts (energy) however, now this is done based on the lumens. The Lumens are a more accurate way of determining which bulb is better to use depending on what exactly it is used for. The brightness of light used in a flashlight is quite different from those used for surgery, which is where the Lumens Chart comes into play.



What Is The Lumens Chart?


what is the lumen scale

As mentioned before, for years, we have purchased bulbs based on their watts. However, now it has been phased out by law, as the watts isn’t the equivalent of how bright a bulb can be. Hence, it is important to know the exact amount of lumens needed in a specified area. It is, also, important to note the correct type of bulb needed to project the brightness of a specific bulb. The Lumens Chart depicts the Watts needed for different types of light bulb to project the required Lumens.

This chart is important because converting the Watts of a light bulb to its desired Lumens can be difficult. Hence, the chart makes it easier to get an accurate figure you could work with. The Lumens chart provides the accurate lumen for incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, as well as, LEDs.


With the Lumens chart available to you, getting the right amount of brightness in you’r lighting solution will be easier and more efficient. Also, you end up saving more energy and money you might have spent on the energy bills.



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