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While looking around to buy a LED work light, I was amazed to see the variety available. Some have magnetic bases, others can be worn on the head, hung from a hook or rafter and yet some have stands or tripods.

Portable LED work lights provide technicians and campers independence from a source of electricity. These are powerful enough to offer sufficient lighting for the completion of any successful project including home renovation, construction, car repair, and maintenance.


Small Work Light

What Features To Look Out For In A Good Battery Operated LED Work Light?

1. Power source

Typically, the batteries of portable LED work lights are rechargeable from an electric power source.

⦁ Cordless or battery operated work lights allow for ease of movement around small spaces without having to worry about tripping over cables or the need for a power source.

⦁ They are very practical for those who don’t work from a fixed work space.

⦁ The best results in battery life are from work lights with Lithium-ion batteries. These weigh less, last longer and are more stable.


2. Light Source

Lumen output or brightness is the most basic consideration to take into account when choosing a portable LED work light.

⦁ LED light bulbs have surpassed all others in cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency, lasting five times longer than CFLs (compact fluorescent lights).

⦁ CFL bulbs are bright, but their lighting gives off a green tinge, not always desired in work spaces, especially where color inspections are carried out.

⦁ Work lights that have the older incandescent bulbs are much cheaper, but are corded and not easy to move around.

⦁ Portable work lights with halogen bulbs emit a bright light but get very heated becoming hazardous for fire breakouts in some types of situations.

Traditional Work Lamp


3. Design

Portable LED work lights are available in a wide array of designs allowing you to choose the best for your line of work or hobby. Choose from:

⦁ Tripod – Adjustable height and pivoting head allowing for the illumination of a broader area or to direct the light source where needed.

⦁ Standing – These are not as tall as the tripod and are lightweight and easy to carry around. In some of them, the light source can be rotated.

⦁ Hanging – these are typically smaller but can illuminate large areas when placed hung.

⦁ Magnetic based – With their sleek design, these work lights can be attached to metal objects, concentrating the light towards the area needed but leaving both hands free to work. Some models also have a rear clip for attaching to pants or belts. These are typically sought after by motor mechanics.

⦁ Lightweight materials – Portable LED work light exteriors are manufactured from a variety of materials, mostly lightweight. Some have soft rubber cases to absorb impact and help prevent damage, while others are made from durable aluminium.

⦁ Waterproof – If you work in damp areas or love the outdoors comes rain or shine, then you will be glad to know that many of the portable LED work lights currently available on the market are waterproof.


Tri-Pod Work Light

Some Work Lights To Consider


Hallomall 15W Work Lights with USB Charging Ports

Hallomall Work Light


The Hallomall 15w portable LED work light is a small light offering some great features like the option to use the light as a phone charger, many lighting modes including low, bright, red ,blue, SOS and flash.

It’s proven battery life of up to 12 hours on the low setting is great and this makes it great for a trades man, mechanic, fisherman or camping. The light comes with a mains and USB charger and thanks to it’s waterproof rating of IPX5 can be used in light rain and damp conditions

The Light has over an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 1200 owners.

It’s available now on amazon for $27.99


AmeriLuck Handheld LED Work Light

The AmeriLuck handheld LED work light is mainly designed for working on cars and trucks but it also has a lot of other uses, this is due to its magnetic points, two hooks and its fantastic brightness.

This small work light has a battery run time of between 4 and 8 hours depending on what brightness setting you are using and comes with a wall charger and a car charger which I feel makes it great for camping as well as a work light. The light has many great reviews complementing it on it’s fantastic brightness and can be used in damp condition although a water resistance rating is not mentioned.

The handheld light benefits from 1000 lumens of brightness and comes with a 2 year manufacture warranty.

The LED work light can be purchased on Amazon for $39.99


10W Rechargeable Work Light with Solar Panel

Solar LED Work Light

This solar LED work light is a bit different from it’s competition as it features a solid cast steel body and of course the ability to recharge it’s self using solar. It truly is a super versatility light making it suitable for a work light, camping, fishing and emergency use.

The light like the first light I choose has the added benefit of having a USB charge port that allows the user to charge a mobile phone for example. The light is small in size and can easily fit in a back pack or tool bag,

With three light modes to choose from full, medium and dull and a run time of 4.5 hours on full power it really is a handy light for many situations.

The portable light has many great customer reviews and can by brought on Amazon for $39.99


Final Word

Designed to allow you to work or play under any circumstances and conditions, remember that the lighting from LEDs is very bright and can cause eye damage if shined directly onto the eyes. By keeping the light source behind you, and not to the front or side, you will achieve the best illumination, while protecting your vision.

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  1. I, for one would definitely need to go with a waterproof LED, preferably standing, as being a nature guy in general who loves hiking in the spring and summer can seriously benefit from this. My father, on the other hand, would likely prefer a tripod or standing, since he’s borderline OCD with having a light source if wind or a storm knocks the electricity out. 

  2. These simple tips are really helpful. I have used all these tips and I am surprised that they all work great when trying to pick a new LED work light. I love reading your articles and I hope that I will read some more soon, it’s really informative and very entertaining. Thanks a lot and have a great day. You are a great advisory. Thanks for advising these simple tips.

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