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How to Use a Selfie Ring Light – (For That Perfect Selfie)

How to Use a Selfie Ring Light for Great Illumination

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography and the rise of the Smartphone led to the rise of the selfie, for personal use and also for career bloggers and vloggers.  So how do you use a selfie ring light.


how to use a selfie ring light

If you have ever wondered how some people manage to look so perfectly polished whereas your selfies, no matter how much you pile on and blend your makeup, end up looking drab, then you probably have not heard of the selfie ring light.

The secret of the ring light is that it does not provide a single source of light, harshly illuminating the face, but allows for a neutral zone in the middle with a ring of light around the face, giving it a soft glow in all the right places, while also concealing blemishes. Light placement does not become an issue, since the light, attached to your phone, illuminates in just the right way.

LED ring lights are perfect for creating the well-lit effect of daylight, even in indoor settings.  They give your skin a natural tone when used and come in different sizes, while they are compatible with any phone or camera. Look out for those that have dimmable lights, they offer more control.

Types of available ring lights

There are three types of ring lights available at the moment:-

how to use a ring light

Standard ring lights are used by professional photographers and are not just meant for selfies. These don’t come with a stand and can be mounted on a tripod and the camera or Smartphone sits in the middle of the ring. This is great if you need both your hands free, but these are not as convenient as those that attach to the phone.

selfie ring light


Illuminated phone cases can be very convenient as they are permanently on your phone. If you are a selfie fanatic, then this may be the solution for you. Bear in mind that illuminated phone cases are not as protective if the phone falls.

selfie ring light instructions

Attachable selfie ring lights clip on to the top part of your Smartphone and encircle the camera sensors. They are cost effective, easy to have with you in a bag, or even on the phone and are very economical to purchase. They can be attached to any device, whether it is an iPhone or any of the Android phones.

Instructions on how to use your standard ring light

ring light users guide

  • These have different assembly instructions according to the manufacturer. Some come with their own tripod or stand and others don’t, so you may have to by one separately.
  • Secure the light to the tripod or stand and then place it on a sturdy surface.
  • Adjust the height according to where you will be standing or sitting.
  • You will now have to place your Smartphone or camera in the center of the stand or tripod and it must be entirely circled by the light.
  • You can position your phone in either portrait or landscape mode, depending on the photo you need and your preferences.
  • Traditionally the device is set up in the center of the ring light, but you can experiment with other lighting angles. This is done by positioning the camera or Smartphone to the side.
  • Test the view of the shot that you want to take by opening the camera or selfie app. If you aren’t satisfied with what you see, readjust the height.
  • Once you are ready to take the photo, turn the ring light on and adjust the dimmer to the light setting that you want.
  • Time to take your selfie and compare to previous photos from before to see the difference.


Instructions on how to use your attachable selfie ring light or illuminated phone case


  • Since not all selfie ring lights are made the same, it is important to read the instructions carefully. In most cases it will only need to be clipped onto your device without needing anything else. If you have opted for a phone case then you just need to put it on your phone according to the instructions.
  • The next step is to turn the light on.
  • Turn on the camera app of your phone. If you use a selfie app for taking photos then turn that on.
  • The selfie ring light will have a dimmer which you can use to adjust the intensity of the light. It can be dimmed or brightened depending on the light around you or the intensity that you require.
  • You can now test to see how your face looks from all the different angles before choosing the perfect one for your face. Not everyone looks equally good from the same angle, so find yours.
  • Snap your selfie and if you aren’t happy try it from another angle.
  • A selfie stick is extremely useful if you want to take a photo of yourself from further away.
  • Tripods are wonderful tools if you need your hands to be free.
  • Selfie ring lights and illuminated phone cases work with a chargeable battery. Remember to recharge when it gets low otherwise you may not be able to take that important shot.

For those of you that want to make your own ring lights there are plenty of tutorials online. Bear in mind that you will need to do your homework in order to achieve the right ring size and color temperature. This will depend on what type of photos or videos you will be shooting. These can be a bit expensive to run because they don’t flash each time you shoot, but stay on constantly.

If you want to take amazing photographs, portraits and selfies, without any harsh shadows then let the selfie ring light help you give your pictures the fresh and bright look that you desire. The desirable catch lights seen in your eyes will make your portraits more engaging. If there are no other lights present, the selfie ring light will create a shadow around you that will reflect like a halo.


Get the perfect shot every time with your selfie ring light!


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2 replies on “How to Use a Selfie Ring Light – (For That Perfect Selfie)”

ok so this is exactly what im looking for. my wife is starting her career as a make up artist and im her “amateur” photographer everytime she finished working on her clients. i cant seem to get the right color that i wanted. sometimes i use my mirror less camera but most of the time just my phone. im interested in the attachable selfie ring light you mentioned on your article. would you know where can i buy one of these at a good price? 🙂 thank you!

I love to take selfie, but the pictures I take are not always good, particularly the one taken in the night. This is may be the the cause, the selfie ring light. It is my first time heard of the selfie ring light. Does smartphone carry the selfie ring light within in the newest model?

I have iPhone7 and I checked there is no selfie ring light within. I am going to buy an illuminated phone cases so that I could take good selfie in the evening. Do you have suggestion on the best brand?

It is kind of you sharing this useful knowledge with us. 

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