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Head Torch Guide – For Useful Hands Free Lighting

If you are looking for a hands free lighting a head torch is a great idea, they can be super bright point where you want them to point and are great for a mechanic, adventure sports, walking, camping, hunting and fishing.

What Is A Head Torch?

old miner's head lamp


Commonly known as a headlamp or a headlight but more recently known as a head torch, it is a helmet or head mounted light that’s powered by its own battery, headlamps where first used by minors using a naked flame mounted to a hard hat!!

Nowadays the majority of head torches are have LED bulbs and powered by a lithium ion battery packs, they benefit from a long bulb life, great battery run time and fantastic brightness.

What To Look Out For When Buying A New Head Torch


You have 3 main features to consider when looking to buy a new head torch:

  • Brightness

Flashlight and torch brightness will be advertised in most cases using the lumen scale, the higher the lumen’s the brighter the flashlight or torch will be: “a cell phone flash will be around 10 lumens and a car’s low beam headlight will be around 700 lumens just for scale”

  • Battery option’s and battery life

Some head torches’s will use rechargeable li-ion batteries and some will use standard AA or AAA batteries, as with most electrical products the higher the output quicker the battery’s will be depleted. I personally prefer li-ion as you can pick a battery with a longer battery life yet still the same size, to read more about 18650 li-ion batteries please see my other post:-

>What are the best 18650 bateries<

  • Water resistance

Water resistance is not something that everyone will require but its definitely something to keep in mind and can be an indication about how well a head torch has been manufactured.

Water resistance scale guide:-

IPX Rating Chart


Entry Level Head Torch Recommendation

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight


best head torch

With 165 Lumens and a 200-foot beam, this entry level head torch is great for general use and comes with a 3 x AAA battery compartment “3 AAA Energizer batteries included” a swivel torch head just like higher priced Head torch’s is lightweight and has a battery run time of up to 45 hours


Mid Range Head Torch Recommendation

The LED Flashlight Headlight Kit

head torch


This head torch claim’s to be 10000 lumens!!! I don’t know if that’s correct but i personally own this head torch and it is crazy bright, it comes’s with three individual beams’s and has different brightness option, including a strobe,

The head torch get’s its power from 2 x 18650 li-ion batteries and comes’s with a car charger, wall charger and USB charger, the head straps are adjustable as is the angle of the torch beams’s, it also benefit’s from a IP65 water resistance rating and is light enough to forget its even on you are head.


High End Head Torch Recommendation

COAST HL8 615 Lumen LED Headlamp

hrad torch guide


The COAST HL8 is a modern work of art in my eye’s the build quality is in a league of its own in the head torch field and comes with some great features,

The head torch comes with a twist optical focus so you can floor the area with light or pin point a specific area with high intensity light if needed, the head torch run’s off 4 x AA batteries and the battery compartment can be mounted on the head torch straps or on to the user’s belt,

It has a run time of up to 64 hours, a rating of 615 lumens and of course the beam angle can be adjusted just like the other head torches I have mentioned.



So if you need a head torch for cycling, fishing, walking just to name a few activities you can’t go wrong with choosing one of the above head torches, just make sure you choose the right head torch for you are needs.

If you have any questions or would like to give you are own review on one of the above head torch’s or think I have missed one please leave a comment below I will get back to you as soon as I can.




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