A Overview Of The Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Rechargeable LED Flashlights have become a necessity in the list of items used in or away from home. Just recently flashlights worked on simple batteries that couldn’t be charged. However, now more and more people demand rechargeable LED flashlights for there durability, power and illumination.

Like it or not, some of the best flashlights in the world are rechargeable LED flashlights. These flashlights are manufactured with a dedicated battery created specifically for that them, which leads to greater output. The major part of a rechargeable LED flashlight is its batteries.

While some are manufactured to accommodate batteries that can be taken out and charged, others have internal batteries.

Most rechargeable LED flashlights use a Li-ion battery, as they do not have custom batteries; however, they have an internal charger. This is a major advantage, as it helps in controlling the charging process.

Hence, flashlights that do not have an internal charging option might not be as durable, because it might lead to overcharging their batteries. This is the major problem with cheaper varieties of led flashlights. There are, also, led flashlights that can be charged with a USB and even plugged into a wall.

What Technology Does A Rechargeable Led Flashlight Use?

Rechargeable LED flashlights make use of the Light Emitting Diode technology to transmit power and work efficiently. LEDs are used for so many other technological products like a clock, traffic light, watches, and so many other items.

LEDs are basically tiny bulbs that illuminate once they are fitted into a circuit. You might be wondering what’s really the difference between LEDs and regular incandescent bulbs. The answer is super straightforward and very easy. Unlike regular incandescent bulbs, they do not possess a filament that can burn out easily, plus they don’t get as hot when in use.

In other words, they are much more durable, as they have a longer shelf life when compared to regular incandescent bulbs. These tiny bulbs are slowly replacing incandescent light bulbs, because of their lasting power and versatility. They are also being used to produce really slim LCD televisions, because they can accommodate smaller spaces and their output is phenomenal.

Types Of Batteries Used In Rechargeable Led Flashlights

As mentioned before, the battery is the major component of a rechargeable LED flashlight, and there are two major types used. Most expensive LED flashlights have a different type of battery compared to a regular one. However, here are the two major types of batteries you are likely to find in a rechargeable led flashlight;

  • Removable Batteries

A lot of quality brands of rechargeable led flashlights use removable batteries in making their flashlights. As a matter of fact, some of these flashlights come with an extra set of batteries. This feature does not only give the user an option of having other backup batteries but also, charging them properly. The advantages of removable batteries are the fact that you don’t have to wait until your flashlight is full before using. Also, in an advent of the battery getting bad, replacing it is cheaper and easier when compared to a non-removable battery option.

  • Non- Removable Batteries

Non-removable battery options are used also in making rechargeable LED flashlights. These batteries are created specifically for use in a specific flashlight. They cannot be replaced if it ever gets faulty; also, it is at a risk of becoming overcharged. The durability isn’t the best, because it cannot be replaced, hence the flashlight itself needs to be replaced once the battery is bad.

While there are so many options of rechargeable LED flashlight on the market, there are a few that come close to none. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the most durable options of the rechargeable LED flashlight. All the necessary information, specifications, and reviews from the usage will be provided for easy understanding.


Fitorch P20R review
Fitorch P20R

The FiTorch P20R LED Rechargeable USB CREE XP-L, Black Review



The Fitorch P20R LED rechargeable flashlight is a great flashlight used mainly by patrol officers and other agents. This slender, Tri compact flashlight has an 1180 Lumens output and an embedded USB port, which makes it an easily rechargeable device. It, also, doubles as a charger for mobile phones and can be used in everyday outdoor activities. It has over 5 brightness switching modes, which gives control to the user at every point in time.

This flashlight comes in handy with several outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, backpacking, camping, and walking.


Major Features


Some major features of the Fitorch P20R Rechargeable Led Flashlight,


  • Battery Life

One of the major features and the importance of using the Fitotch P2
0R Rechargeable Led Flashlight is its battery life. This flashlight has a maximum run time of 120 hours (5 days). It, also, has an 1180 Lumens output for better illumination and usage.

  • 5 Brightness Modes

Another amazing feature of this rechargeable led flashlight is the ability of its user to choose between 5 different modes of brightness depending on their preferences. These modes are either high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. This feature is especially great for people who are sensitive to too much light and require minimal brightness.

  • Dual Switches

A lot of consumers usually complain about finding it difficult to switch on and off their LED flashlights. However, the Fitorch rechargeable led flashlight comes with dual switches that signify which is to switch on and off.

  • USB Port

It also comes with a USB port, which makes it very easy to charge, plus, it doubles as a power bank. Hence, you can decide to power up your phones whenever you decide.

  • Metal Filmed Reflector

It possesses a metal filmed reflector, which creates a high energy beam, causing each brightness level to be at its peak.

  • Power Level Indicators

Akin to most high quality LED flashlights, the Fitorch Rechargeable LED flashlight comes with red and green indicators. These indicators tell its users about the battery situation; red for a low battery and green for when the battery is full. This goes a step further in protecting the battery from damage.

  • Memory Mode

The memory mode allows this flashlight to sustain a specific mode even after it is turned off. This way, a user doesn’t necessarily have to start a process all over again.

  • Advanced Temperature Regulation Technology (ATR)

The shelf life of the Fitorch LED flashlight is one of the most amazing features of this device. One of the major factors that contribute to this is its temperature technology. This controls the temperature of the internal panel, which helps in increasing its shelf life.

  • Water Resistant 

If you’re thinking about how durable this device is, then this should convince you. This rechargeable LED flashlight is water resistant to IPX8 the highest level a flashlight can receive, so can withstand dire weather conditions.


Package Contents:

The Fitorch P20R rechargeable LED flashlight comes with a number of items in its package. They are;


P20r accessories


● 1 LED Flashlight

● 1 Holster

● 1 USB Cable

● 1 Lanyard

● 1 Snap Cap

● 1 Key Ring

● 1 O-ring

● 1 Pocket Clip

● 1 USB OTG Kit


Pros & Cons Of Using The Fitorch P20R Rechargeable LED Flashlight


There are so many pros and cons when using this device. Some pros are;

● It is lightweight (0.875kg) and very convenient for travel.

● It is water resistant to IPX8

● It has 5 brightness modes

● It is super easy to use

● It has several features that protect it’s batteries; Temperature control technology, power level indicators, and others.


The only con is the price, which might be relatively expensive. The price range for this flashlight is over $55 depending on your location.


Rechargeable LED flashlights have become one of the most purchased lighting solutions when compared with headlamps. The Fitorch P20R is a great choice, as it serves many purposes. This flashlight is great if your just starting out on your first flashlight or looking for a flashlight that’s dependable and honest.



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