If it’s a power outage, a car breakdown or a zombie apocalypse an emergency flashlight is a must. Of course, you do have a few options other than a flashlight but to be honest they’re not great, you could use a candle or a glow stick / light stick both of these are fine for short term use but a candle needs a match or a lighter and is no good for the road side and a glow stick will only last around 12 hours max in a warm climate, so I would say a flashlight is the way to go.

Types of Emergency Flashlights

When it comes to emergency flashlight you have a few options; a standard battery operated flashlight, a hand crank flashlight or a light that is constantly plugged into the mains and will illuminate if there is a power outage.


Battery Operated Flashlight

OK I am going to further break this down into 2 categories:-

  • Lantern type lighting

Lantern lights are more of a room or area lighting option and will light a 360 degree area around the light so will fill a room or your personal campsite area. They are super popular will campers for this reason and can be a great solution for a power cut.

I would recommend this emergency lantern as it’s USB rechargeable or powered by standard D and AA size batteries and has removable flashlights that can be used independently if needed.



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  • Standard flashlights

A standard LED flashlight is great for pin point lighting and can also light a room if the beam focus is adjustable, a battery powered flashlight will produce more light but have a slightly more limited battery life.

The Olight S30R III would be my choice for the above lighting needs, as it can be left on charge so no need to worry about the battery being flat. It has a fantastic battery life if used on a lower power setting (up to 130 hours on 12 lumens mode). It has a magnetic base, great for a car breakdown and can easily fit in a pocket due to it’s compact size.

olight S20r flashlight

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To learn more about my favourite flashlights visit :-

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Hand Crank Flashlight

A hand crank flashlight is a great maintenance free option as you don’t need to worry about batteries being charged or spare batteries being available. The light output will, in general, be lower than a battery powered flashlight but again you don’t need to worry about batteries so they can be really handy.

This purpose build emergency flashlight is designed for a car crash or breakdown but it has so many features. It would be great for camping or a home black out. One of the features that stands out for me is the ability to charge you phone from the flashlight so you don’t need to worry about your phone going flat and not being able to contact or be contacted.


hand crank emergency flashlight

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Constant Mains Powered Light

This light will be plugged in to a wall socket and triggered by a power outage so when your neighbours houses go black, your house will still have a light source right away. It can be removed from the wall and if fully charged be used as a standalone flashlight for 24 hours.

The Bluetech LED flashlight is a great choice if you are looking for an emergency light for the home. When a power cut happens, it will automatically turn on and can be used without a charge for up to 24 hours. The light has a motion detector and can be an absolute life saver during a emergency or power cut.

bluetech led flashlight

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So don’t leave it to chance and be left in the dark! When the next power cut or emergency situation happens make sure you’re prepared with a flashlight, so you and your family are safe and ready for any situation.


If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you.





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6 thoughts on “Emergency Flashlight – A Real Must Have”

  1. Great review. My favourite would be the standard flashlight since its power output is adjustable. So I can set its level of brightness. I would also like to go for the Constant Mains Powered Light.

    1. I can see your logic with a general purposes flashlight, there just so versatility, and the mains plug in unit’s are also great for a fit and forget option.

      Thanks for your comment Jason

  2. I can attest I’m a huge fan of the Standard LED flashlights. I have at least two of these in my apartment and my parents have about four at their house. They’re powerful and can provide adequate lighting if there’s a power outage. In fact, my dad was pondering buying more today. If I have one recommendation that rises head and shoulders above the others, from my experience, I’m going with Standard LED.

    1. Thanks for your input Todd, I’m a big fan myself, you can’t go wrong with a good quality LED flashlight the technology in them now a days is just incredible.

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