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What is a COB LED – (Chip On Board LED Lights)

What is a COB LED?

The lighting industry is moving at a fast pace with continual new developments which are helping find solutions for many of our lighting needs. If you are wondering: “What is a COB LED?” then maybe we can help you understand.

what is a cob led

What is a COB LED Light?

Chip on board (COB) LEDs are relatively new on the market, but despite their brief history, they offer many benefits when compared to the standard options. The first lights which can be considered similar to COB packages made their first appearance at the beginning of the 21st century and are the SMD LED packages. The COB light as we know it now first became available in 2007 and was met with skepticism because of the small packaging which contained so much power.

Sometimes they are called “fried eggs” because when not lit they resemble them. This is because of the yellow phosphor circle which is mounted on a white board.

Multiple LED chips are bonded by the manufacturer onto a substrate to form a single module called a COB LED. Typically nine or more LED chips are used and they are mounted in such a way as to offer the highest potential of lighting possible. When a COB LED package is lit, it has the effect of a lighting panel as opposed to looking like multiple individual lights.

what is a led cob light

What are the benefits of COB LEDs?

The lumen output per square inch for a COB LED is greatly increased in efficiency because of the multi-chip packaging. The reason for this is that the globe with LED diode chips has far more light sources covering the same are of a traditional LED. In COB LEDs, the viewing angle is increased and the loss of light is decreased since the lenses and other traditional LED packaging components are eliminated.

Since fewer components are required per LED chip to function correctly, the multiple diodes are housed within the COB LED with a single circuit and two contacts which energize them.

The greatest advantage because of the reduced components and the elimination of the traditional LED chip structure package is the reduction of heat generated by each LED chip. The operational temperature of the COB LED is also lowered because of the calcium/aluminum substrate which is often coupled to an external heat sink because it is a higher efficiency heat transfer medium. In order for a COB to be used at its full potential, care must be taken when choosing a heat sink. It must be capable of dissipating the heat generated so that the COB LED will work at increased efficiency and with lower failure rates.

The fact that spot soldering of the individual LED diode chips is not necessary, since mounting is done directly onto the substrate, is another reason why COB LEDs have reduced failure rates.

The advantages in short:


High-Intensity at short distances

Simplicity of design

High-uniformity at close working distances

Increased life, stability and reliability

What are the disadvantages of COB LEDs?

They cannot be used to create color changing bulbs or lights because of their limited contacts and circuit. So they are only efficient in single color applications.

cob led light

Where are COB LEDs used?

The COB LED allows for heavy-duty applications, something which could not be done with LEDs.

There are a wide range of applications possible for COB LEDs and they could be used for higher output general lighting. However, their primary application would be as solid-state lighting (SSL) by replacing metal-halide lams. These are used for high-bay lighting, street lights, high-output track lights, and down-lights and are used in theatres and as grow lights.

In smaller applications we see COB chips in the flash of mobile phones and a point-and-shoot camera.



In conclusion

Almost every light source can be replaced with COB LED. They are the latest and most advanced technology in lighting existing on the market today. They are available in anything from a few hundred lumens to 30,000 lumens and can go up to 200 watts.

COB LEDS have proven to be a major step in LED lighting technology and have increased the capabilities of the power that can be included in the same size as an ordinary LED packaging. Their availability for all kinds of lighting situations has been increased by manufacturers who have produced a wide range of options for consumers to choose from.

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What is a Xenon Bulb – Are they really worth it??

Some of you may ask yourselves: “What is a xenon bulb?”

Xenon bulbs are most commonly known for their use in the automobile industry, specifically for headlights. They are however, energy efficient and can also be used for home lighting and in flashlights, they are especially great for areas that need to be well lit.


What is a Xenon bulb

What is a Xenon Bulb?

Named after the gas that they are filled with, xenon bulbs are a form of incandescent lighting. The xenon gas extends the life of the tungsten filament, and both are encased within a globe of high melting-point glass.


Why add gas?

Regular incandescent light bulbs develop vacuums within their glass as air oxidizes the glowing tungsten filament. When an inert gas, like xenon or halogen, is added it slows down this process and the life of the bulb is prolonged. That is because the large gas molecules deflect the tungsten molecules. This slows their rate of evaporation and the filament keeps going for longer.

Xenon is an odorless and colorless gas and not only does it retard the filament evaporation, but also produces a bright-white light when electrified.


Xenon led bulb

Why consider a xenon bulb?

Both halogen and xenon are gases and when added to bulbs they work more efficiently than regular incandescent globes. Xenon though, is by far the more expensive of the two gases.

When compared to halogen bulbs, xenon bulbs last five times longer. In commercial bulbs halogen gives 1,000 hours use, whereas xenon anything from 8,000 to 20,000 hours. In the home environment they last about 3,000 to 5,000 hours, and sometimes even more.

Where can you use xenon lamps?

  • Automotive lighting
  • Portable flashlights
  • Work lights
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Task lights
  • Desk lamps
  • Artwork lighting


what is a xenon led bulb


Benefits of using xenon bulbs


  •  Available in clear and frosted glass options according to your preference.
  • They have a better and warmer light that is more pleasant to the eye than that of halogen bulbs, even though they both have a similar color rendering index (CRI).
  • When they burn they don’t emit the same amount of heat as halogen bulbs, helping to keep the temperatures in the areas lit cooler and save energy.
  • Xenon gas requires less heat to produce light and saves on electricity.
  • Halogen light bulbs will have a greatly reduced light expectancy if touched directly on the bulb with bare hands, whereas xenon bulbs have no such problem.
  • There is no danger of having curtains and upholstery that are near the lights fade. The reason for this is that they emit minimal UV rays.
  • There is no danger of pressure building.
  • For those living in areas with unstable voltages with many dips and spikes, xenon bulbs will have a longer lifespan than other light bulbs, especially fluorescents.
  • Xenon lights can be used with standard light dimmers (unlike LEDs and CFLs which need the dimmer to be compatible with light bulbs that are also dimmable), making then energy efficient and giving you various lighting options for your living spaces.


You can use xenon lighting where you would have previously used incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Just remember to ensure:

  • That they have the same wattage and voltage
  • The lamp envelope or glass should be the same shape and size
  • Lastly, the lamps should have the same type of base e.g. bipin, festoon, wedge and so on.


Xenon energy saving


Recycling and the environment


Besides being more energy efficient than halogen and incandescent, xenon light bulbs are also much easier to dispose of especially when compared to CFLs. All types of light bulbs must be recycled, while CFLs need to be handled carefully because they contain mercury.

Xenon bulbs don’t contain mercury and if one breaks you won’t be exposed to any harmful toxins, whereas if a CFL breaks you must protect your hands by wearing gloves and put on a face mask to prevent breathing in the dust. The broken pieces must be placed in a sealed container and taken to a CFL recycling center. Also turn off the cooling or heating system in your home or office for at least 15 minutes.

In Europe many countries are phasing out Halogen bulbs due to their inefficiency, and incandescent bulbs are almost obsolete. LEDs are taking over the global market because they are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

So, LEDs are the winners since they are 90% more efficient than standard bulbs and xenon bulbs, which have very few downsides, come in second.

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Rechargeable Streamlight Flashlights – (What To Look Out For in Detail)

Everything you need to know about the Rechargeable Streamlight flashlight.

The best lighting tool for completing any job is the right lighting tool. At Streamlight they have developed a wider range of specific flashlights than any other lighting supplier, helping you complete your tasks faster and more efficiently. Streamlight holds over 150 US patents for its innovations and over 100 US and foreign trademarks – a remarkable achievement for a lighting company.

One of the most recognized brands globally, Streamlight is approved by the military and public security sector and their flashlights are used by almost everyone from homeowners, motor mechanics, and military personnel. The reason can be attributed to their uncompromising quality and excellence of design and accountability. This has driven Streamlight to continuously improve on their products through new innovations and technologies to ensure flashlights that are brighter, lighter, longer lasting and more compact.

streamlight flashlight

A Brief History

Streamlight started producing lighting tools just over 45 years ago and is currently located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA. Besides the manufacture of flashlights powered by rechargeable and disposable batteries, they are known for their specialized lighting. These include weapon-mountable lights, a right angle light for firefighters and Laser Illuminators, a combination of LED weapon light and laser.

Manufacturing Standards

The company strives to make peoples’ lives easier so they concentrate on offering quality workmanship and materials that last.


1. Design and engineering

In order to be able to solve their customers’ problems, the team at Streamlight design and build each light with the purpose of offering safety and efficiency for users. Members of their design and engineering team go out into real-world situations in order to test each light for the purpose it is designed.


2. Resource management

Stringent environmental waste reduction initiatives are part of their materials management program, ensuring that they do their part in protecting the environment.


3. Durability

Every product is tested to ensure that it will survive the normal wear and tear of the job it is designed for.

rechargeable streamlight flashlight

Choosing the Right Flashlight

Streamlight has developed three series of flashlights so that you can choose the right one for the job.


⦁ Tradition Series

Designed for the broadest range of lighting they are ideal for general, multi-purpose use.

They offer an optimal balance of candela and lumens and the longest regulated run times.

They are typically used for day-to-day industrial use, law enforcement; general contracting work and for vehicle maintenance.


⦁ High Lumen (HL) Series

These give maximum illumination from a high lumen beam and a good level of candela

They provide full situational awareness because of their extraordinary delivery of bright light in a wide beam pattern.

They are perfect for lighting up smaller areas, where a lot of concentrated light is needed.

They don’t have a long reach.

Typical uses include searching a dark alley, lighting a campsite, vehicle stop, and search patrols and scene illumination.

They are usually small enough to fit in a pocket.

streamlight rechargeable

⦁ High Performance, High Lumen (HPL) Series

Because of their high-candela beam these are a perfect choice for down-range applications which require optimal beam distances.

These flashlights have enhanced lumen output and deliver long-range lighting.

Their bright beam is peripheral and they throw more light on a target from a distance.

Typical uses include search and rescue missions, down-range illumination, inspecting utility lines from ground level and to light up a dark alley all the way down.


Disposable Battery Versus Rechargeable

⦁ Disposable

Both alkaline and lithium batteries have a long storage life of between 7 and 10 years. Their running costs are higher than those of rechargeable batteries and they don’t offer very bright lights. Lithium batteries are the more costly of the two.


⦁ Rechargeable

Rechargeable flashlights are better suited for frequent use. They use either nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion batteries. These flashlights might cost a little more to purchase but offer low operating costs.


⦁ Rechargeable 18650 USB

The lithium-ion 18650 battery is rechargeable on a USB port. The initial purchase price might be higher, but the running costs over the rest of the life of the flashlight are low.

>For a list of my best 18650 Li-ion batteries please click here<

Know the Bulb Types

Lumens of bulbs are a measurement of the total output of a bulb, whereas in a LED it is the measurement of all the light inside the angle of the beam. Cadela refers to the measure of the brightest spot in a focused beam.

Today’s flashlights depend on LED bulbs to produce light. This new technology offers cost efficiency and long life. LEDs offer flexibility and you can adjust the output and beam pattern according to your needs. Streamlight offers a choice of the following bulbs:

⦁ LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes – They offer up to 100,000 hours of light so don’t need replacement. They can run for longer periods on less power and are available in various colors, including Ultraviolet. At Streamlight they use some of their engineering technology, including a reflector, to increase the brightness and create an intense beam of light.

“Chip on Board” (COB) LED – Nine or more multiple LED chips are used together as one lighting module placed directly on a circuit board. When lit up the lights don’t show as individual lights, but look like a lighting panel.

⦁ Combination LED/COB LED – The combination of LED and COB LED offers intense brightness for long distance and flood beam for up close. This is a multi-function light that offers flexibility.


When choosing the right flashlight you must take into consideration the type of environment that it is to be used in and if it carries the proper approval ratings. All Streamlight flashlights are properly tested to meet all applicable safety standards for the environments they are meant to be used in. When choosing which flashlight suits your needs best you will be able to see what safety division it falls in according to the National Electric Code (NEC). Class I is if flammable gases, liquids or vapors are present, class II is the presence of combustible dust and Class III refers to ignitable fiber in the atmosphere. All Streamlight flashlights are tested and certified by the world’s leading independent laboratories so that you can be sure that they are safe in the environment that you will be using it in. Choose your favorite model of Streamlight’s rechargeable flashlight today and enjoy a lifetime of bright light.



Rechargeable Streamlight flashlights are designed to suit various lighting need. With different series to suit each and every situation, they  designed and made with modern high-tech features, are rechargeable Streamlight flashlights the perfect lighting source for everyone needs? well just maybe they are.


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Bottle With Lights – Enhancing your Living Space

Are you one of those people that never want to throw a pretty bottle away, then here is a great idea for creating a beautiful decorative object to enhance your home. Once you get started you will be creating bottle after bottle with lights.

Up until a few years ago, making a bottle with lights would have meant having to cut through the glass to get let the cable run through the bottle to the top. You would then need to place a bulb fitting at the top.

Today, such projects are easy, cheap and lots of fun to create. Cabling is now a thing of the past and the lights need not only be inside but can also be glued to the outside of the bottle.

bottle with lights

Choosing the lights for your DIY project

LED lighting strips that are battery powered are great for DIY projects. They can be cut at any length and have double mounting tape which can be pasted to many surfaces. Available in a variety of colors, some LEDs also offer built-in color patterns including color fade, color strobe, color flashing and color smooth. Some can also be switched on and off with a remote controlled switch and their signal can go through a wall for a distance of up to 10 meters. Powered by batteries they can also be plugged into another power source with a USB port.

Fairy Lights or String lights are made with LED beads that are strung on wire, making them sturdy but flexible and easy to work with. These conveniently work with a small battery and will light up for up to 72 continuing hours – longer if they are used for shorter periods at a time.

Bottles that can be used

Let your imagination run wild. Wine bottles, beer bottles, expensive glass and crystal bottles, glass bowls or vases, and any other unusually shaped glass can be used for your creations. Don’t throw cork or other stoppers away as they can be used to complete the bottle with lights perfectly. The whole idea here is to recycle and create less waste while making something beautiful and useful for your home or to give as a gift.

bottle lights

How bottles with light can enhance your home?

Any well-made bottle with lights will look good during the day wherever you choose to display it but at night it will give any room a warm and romantic atmosphere. The lighting color options are so many that you can choose the perfect color to suit the theme of the room you are making it for.

More than one bottle with lights can be cleverly strung together on a wooden or steel base to create beautiful chandeliers for hanging over dining room tables. You can turn bottles with light into beautiful table lamps, bedside, and even desktop lights.

A bottle with lights can also turn bath time into a relaxing, mood creating experience that up until now most of us relied on candles for. The LED bulbs are waterproof, and unlike candles won’t go out when wet.

LED bottle lights

The pros of bottle lights

Your new bottle with lights will look good but will also offer you economy as you will need to turn fewer lights on and won’t need to buy candles. They also provide safety since there is no fear of them melting to the point where they may cause a fire or damage a carpet, rug or shelf.

So reduce your waste and make beautiful items at the same time.

Fancy Trying it Out Yourself? Have a Look at These Lighting Options

Battery powered LED fairy strip lights (12 Pack)

Bottle fairy lights

This LED string lights come with 20 small LED’s on each light and are powered by small watch type batteries, the lights will easily fit inside a glass bottle and the battery holder/switch are housed in a cork style cap.

The lights are a warm white to brighten up your chosen space, with a battery life span of around 25 hours, this light set comes with additional batteries and a small screwdriver to change the batteries when needed.

This is a great value starter set because you don’t need to drill the bottle to run a cable but being non rechargeable this might but some off.

There are plenty of happy customer reviews and they can be your for $14.99 on Amazon.


USB Rechargeable LED Bottle Light set (4 Pack) 

USB bottle lights

The kingleder wine bottle USB rechargeable LED cork lights are a step up from the previous offering a similar design with the battery holder, charger and switch in a cork style cap as before. the lights are also a warm white which is great and offering 8 – 10 hours of battery life with a charge time of about 25 minutes.

Again with this rechargeable lights there great if you don’t want the hassle of drilling glass to run a cable in to the bottle but will need removed and charged when they run out of battery.

This 4 pack of lights has over 60 great reviews with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, they can be yours for $17.99 on Amazon.


USB Powered LED Multi Color String Lights

Bottle with USB Lights

My third offering is a bit different from the about option’s as these are powered by USB cable so you don’t need to worry about recharging the batteries or replacing them, but it does mean you need to make a small hole in the back of the bottle to fit the cable through, this is not as difficult as you may think, so don’t worry to much about that and let me tell you about the benefits of using USB powered over battery powered lights.

With USB powered lights you get endless amount of use as the batteries are never going to run out, there are more color option available and you get the benefits of even having a remote to control your lights.

This set comes in a 2 pack and you have a choose of light brightness, 16 colors and 4 lighting modes, if you are looking for a true fit and forget decorative lighting option this is for you.

This lighting set also has many great customer reviews and can be yours for $18.99 on Amazon.


LED Light Strip Battery Powered LED Strip Lights with Remote 

USB bottle lights

My final bottle with lights choose is this multi color, remote controlled LED strip light product, the LED’s are on a strip compared to a strip as before.

The lights once again are powered by a USB cable so a hole in the bottle  need to be made but this time the lights come with a battery pack that can be used to power the lights when a mains point for example is not available, meaning these lights can be attached to pretty much many thing you want, like a bike, a skateboard or a tent for example.

They come with a choose of 16 colors once again and 4 lighting modes, the lights can be cut to length if needed and ca. Be stuck to your item of choose if needed.

With plenty of great reviews and customer feedback these are a great choice for lighting not only bottles but anything you want to, they can be purchased on Amazon for $17.99.


I’m going to make a how to video on drilling a glass bottle but for now please have a look at this video on YouTube.

How to drill a glass bottle

If you have any questions or would like to add anything please leave a comment below.

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Power Bank portable charger – You’re Personal Power Station

One of the toughest things when it comes to using mobile devices or other rechargeable devices is that they do end up running out of battery. Not only that, but they might end up doing so in the middle of nowhere or just somewhere that does not have a power supply. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to purchase a good power bank portable charger.

power bank

What is a Power Bank?

The Power Bank is a lightweight power source that you can use as an additional battery when your devices run out of power. The idea is that you just have to charge it near a computer or power outlet and carry it around in order to use it whenever you might need it. The great thing is that you get to access all the content you have without the need to worry about your phone or other rechargeable device running out of power. Thankfully there are many Power Bank option available, so you can find the right one based on your needs.

What can you use a power bank for?

Most of the time the Power Bank is suitable for all kinds of devices. It can work great for powering up your phone or tablet. It can also be used for powering up other larger devices such as a laptop. That being said, for a laptop you need a much better and bigger power bank when compared to the one you have for a computer.

What Power Bank capacity should you focus on?

There are multiple power bank capacities and each one has different uses. For example, the smaller power banks have 1500 mAh and those are basically offering just about 40-50% of the battery load for your small device. Those are very light, easy to carry around and you can use them when you want to make that extra call or access a few files on your phone that just died because it doesn’t have any juice.

Some of the most popular Power Banks have 5000 mAh, which is more than what a regular phone battery would be like. You also have units with 10000 mAh, 20000 mAh and even more. The thing to note with Power Banks is that the more mAh you have, the more power the unit can store. That’s why it makes sense to purchase the highest capacity that you can afford.

But there is a downside. The higher capacity also comes with increased weight. The upper spectrum of these capacities will be very heavy. So if you want more portable Power Banks, you have to stay somewhere around 4000-10000 mAh or so. Once you get past that number the power banks are very heavy.

portable phone charger

Think about quality

Ideally you want to acquire Power Banks from a brand that you can trust. The thing to note here is that cheap power banks can overload and damage your electronic devices. You need a secure power bank, one that loads really well and which can be adapted and adjusted to suit your needs in a masterful manner. Ideally they need to meet the national or international safety demands. After all, you are dealing with a source of energy, and the last thing you want is for that energy source to not work the way you want.

Can you use the Power Bank for more than one device?

Most of the smaller Power Banks can’t be used for multiple devices at the same time. But the larger units do have great connectivity and they support 2 devices, which is very important to keep in mind. Ideally you want to have as many connections as you can, because the more you have, the more stuff you will be able to charge. However only the Power Banks with higher capacity tend to have more than one device slot for you to use.

And in those situations, you might even be able to charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone and so on. You might even be able to charge your portable LED light, action camera or any other device that has a USB or USB-C input.

Are there power banks charged by solar panels?

Yes, and these are great if you go hiking for example. This makes it easy for you to charge your power bank and even your devices as you go along. The benefit is that you can charge the power bank at your own pace and you don’t have to leave it in your home to charge for a few hours beforehand.

Solar power bank, power bank, portable charger,

Are LED indicators needed?

Yes, because this is the only way to figure out whether your unit is charged or not. Ideally a good power bank charges quickly, but the true focus here is on value and quality more than anything else. Having that information will let you know the amount of power you have and whether it will work for you or not.

What type of Power Bank is the best?

Since safety is of major concern when it comes to mobile devices, the last thing you want is to see a power bank explode due to overcharging. The Power Banks with a high grade lithium-polymer battery tend to be the safest. They have stable elements and they also come with safety assurances as well. Even if such a power bank might costs a little more, it’s a worth while investment because of the added safety benefits alone.


Thinking of Buying a Power Bank? Well Have a Look at These Hand Picked Power Banks.

Anker PowerCore

Anker Portable charger

The Anker PowerCore has a massive 20100 mAh battery capable of charging a I[hone 7 over 6 times and a galaxy S8 almost 5 times, You could last almost a full week with a fully charged phone just using this alone!!

This PowerCore is a similar size to a cell phone but has slightly more weight at 12.5 oz, it can easily fit in a pocket, handbag or back bag making it ideal for the commute, a music festival weekend or camping/hiking.

The charge time is between 10 and 20 hours depending on the charger used to charge it (2 amp = 10 hours, 1 amp = 20 hours). When the power bank is charging a phone for example it does support fast charging on most devices and will stop charging when the item is fully charged.

This power bank is safety certified and comes with a travel pouch, Micro USB cable, instructions and a 18 month warranty. There are 1000’s of fantastic reviews for this product and 1,000,000’s of happy customers. this product is available now on Amazon for $49.99



Rlerion 25000 mAh Power Bank


Power bank portable charger


The RLERION 25000 mAh portable power bank is a real feature packed product, with a digital battery display, wireless charging pad, multiple USB ports and built in LED lights.

The power bank can charge a Galaxy S9 4 -6 times and a Iphone XS 5-7 times so once again you can easily keep your cell phone charged for a week if your careful.

Due to the fact the power bank is a slightly more tech power bank then the Anker I would recommend this more for commuting and comfortable travel over hiking and camping for example.

The power bank comes with a USB charging cable, users guide and a 2 year warranty, this portable power bank has many great reviews and can be purchased for $39.99 on Amazon.


myCharge AdventureMega Portable Charger 

myCharge power bank, myCharge portable power bank, portable cell phone charger,



The myCharge adventuremega is a power bank design for tough conditions, its the most dust and water resistant of all the power banks here and designed to withstand more then you can throw at it, with camping, hiking and mountaineering in the forefront of the designers minds you know you can rely on this handy portable charger.

The 20,100 mAh battery is a similar size to other power banks on test and although it is not stated I would expect a similar charging capacity so around 5 times Iphone full charge and the same for a Galaxy S9 for example.

The power bank is just over 6″ long, 3″ wide and 1″ deep so can still be easily transported, it also has a handy clip attached for hanging of a bag or tent.

The power bank comes with a USB charging cable for charging the unit and instructions. This product has any great reviews and can by purchased on Amazon for $79.99.



As you can see, purchasing a good Power Bank is a very good idea and it does have the potential to pay for its self. Make sure that you use our tips to find a reliable, safe Power Bank to suit your needs and expectations. Ideally you want to have the highest capacity you can while also receiving safety features and any other extras that might be there. The more safety you have for this kind of device, the easier it will be. So try to keep that in mind and it will definitely help in your decision.

Remember power banks can also be used to charge other USB powered items like flashlights, portable speakers and tablets.

If you have any comment or your own input on these products please leave a comment below, Thanks


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LED Work Lights – Powerful, Portable and Practical

While looking around to buy a LED work light, I was amazed to see the variety available. Some have magnetic bases, others can be worn on the head, hung from a hook or rafter and yet some have stands or tripods.

Portable LED work lights provide technicians and campers independence from a source of electricity. These are powerful enough to offer sufficient lighting for the completion of any successful project including home renovation, construction, car repair, and maintenance.


Small Work Light

What Features To Look Out For In A Good Battery Operated LED Work Light?

1. Power source

Typically, the batteries of portable LED work lights are rechargeable from an electric power source.

⦁ Cordless or battery operated work lights allow for ease of movement around small spaces without having to worry about tripping over cables or the need for a power source.

⦁ They are very practical for those who don’t work from a fixed work space.

⦁ The best results in battery life are from work lights with Lithium-ion batteries. These weigh less, last longer and are more stable.


2. Light Source

Lumen output or brightness is the most basic consideration to take into account when choosing a portable LED work light.

⦁ LED light bulbs have surpassed all others in cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency, lasting five times longer than CFLs (compact fluorescent lights).

⦁ CFL bulbs are bright, but their lighting gives off a green tinge, not always desired in work spaces, especially where color inspections are carried out.

⦁ Work lights that have the older incandescent bulbs are much cheaper, but are corded and not easy to move around.

⦁ Portable work lights with halogen bulbs emit a bright light but get very heated becoming hazardous for fire breakouts in some types of situations.

Traditional Work Lamp


3. Design

Portable LED work lights are available in a wide array of designs allowing you to choose the best for your line of work or hobby. Choose from:

⦁ Tripod – Adjustable height and pivoting head allowing for the illumination of a broader area or to direct the light source where needed.

⦁ Standing – These are not as tall as the tripod and are lightweight and easy to carry around. In some of them, the light source can be rotated.

⦁ Hanging – these are typically smaller but can illuminate large areas when placed hung.

⦁ Magnetic based – With their sleek design, these work lights can be attached to metal objects, concentrating the light towards the area needed but leaving both hands free to work. Some models also have a rear clip for attaching to pants or belts. These are typically sought after by motor mechanics.

⦁ Lightweight materials – Portable LED work light exteriors are manufactured from a variety of materials, mostly lightweight. Some have soft rubber cases to absorb impact and help prevent damage, while others are made from durable aluminium.

⦁ Waterproof – If you work in damp areas or love the outdoors comes rain or shine, then you will be glad to know that many of the portable LED work lights currently available on the market are waterproof.


Tri-Pod Work Light

Some Work Lights To Consider


Hallomall 15W Work Lights with USB Charging Ports

Hallomall Work Light


The Hallomall 15w portable LED work light is a small light offering some great features like the option to use the light as a phone charger, many lighting modes including low, bright, red ,blue, SOS and flash.

It’s proven battery life of up to 12 hours on the low setting is great and this makes it great for a trades man, mechanic, fisherman or camping. The light comes with a mains and USB charger and thanks to it’s waterproof rating of IPX5 can be used in light rain and damp conditions

The Light has over an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 1200 owners.

It’s available now on amazon for $27.99


AmeriLuck Handheld LED Work Light

The AmeriLuck handheld LED work light is mainly designed for working on cars and trucks but it also has a lot of other uses, this is due to its magnetic points, two hooks and its fantastic brightness.

This small work light has a battery run time of between 4 and 8 hours depending on what brightness setting you are using and comes with a wall charger and a car charger which I feel makes it great for camping as well as a work light. The light has many great reviews complementing it on it’s fantastic brightness and can be used in damp condition although a water resistance rating is not mentioned.

The handheld light benefits from 1000 lumens of brightness and comes with a 2 year manufacture warranty.

The LED work light can be purchased on Amazon for $39.99


10W Rechargeable Work Light with Solar Panel

Solar LED Work Light

This solar LED work light is a bit different from it’s competition as it features a solid cast steel body and of course the ability to recharge it’s self using solar. It truly is a super versatility light making it suitable for a work light, camping, fishing and emergency use.

The light like the first light I choose has the added benefit of having a USB charge port that allows the user to charge a mobile phone for example. The light is small in size and can easily fit in a back pack or tool bag,

With three light modes to choose from full, medium and dull and a run time of 4.5 hours on full power it really is a handy light for many situations.

The portable light has many great customer reviews and can by brought on Amazon for $39.99


Final Word

Designed to allow you to work or play under any circumstances and conditions, remember that the lighting from LEDs is very bright and can cause eye damage if shined directly onto the eyes. By keeping the light source behind you, and not to the front or side, you will achieve the best illumination, while protecting your vision.

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UV Flashlight – Black Light Flashlight – More Then Meets The Eye

I’m sure you have heard of the term UV light and/or black light before but what is it and what purpose does it serve? Well a UV flashlight or light and a Black Light Flashlight or light can be used in forensic science, money counterfeit detection and medicine to include a few. So keep reading and find out if a UV flashlight or a Blacklight flashlight is what you’re looking for??

UV Flashlight

What Is UV Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) is actually electromagnetic radiation, similar to that emitted by the Sun. Fact: only 10% of sunlight is actually UV radiation. UV light has a wavelength of between 10nm to 400nm; that is shorter than that of visible light, but longer than X-rays.

Black light is also known as UV-A light, Wood’s lamp or ultraviolet light and is a lamp that emits long-wave (UV-A) ultraviolet light. All of these lights work on the same principle and have very little visible light.

When a violet filter is included on the bulb or in a separate glass filter over the lamp, most of the visible light is blocked and only UV is allowed to filter through and the lamp will have a dim violet glow when lit. This type of lighting is called black light and will be designated as ‘BLB’, which stands for ‘black light blue’.

Lamps that do not have the filter have a blue color when operated and are identified with the ‘BL’ designation by the industry. These are used in lighting for insect traps.

Other than the Sun, UV light can be produced by electric arcs and specialized lights e.g. mercury-vapor lights, tanning lamps and black lights.

Uv Bug Zapper


What is a black light flashlight?

Black light flashlights produce a narrow spectral band of ultraviolet light which is just at the lower end of the spectrum of light visible to the human eye. The light it emits is not literally black, and even though the light appears weak, since the human eye cannot see most of it, it is actually quite a strong source of light.

All items that emit a bright glow when lit up by a UV or Black light flashlight actually contain phosphors. Phosphors are the name given to substances which can absorb energy and then emit it as a visible light, known as luminescence. There are natural occurring phosphors, e.g. found in our fingernails and teeth, or chemical phosphors such as those used in laundry detergents to assist making white clothes appear whiter.

Black Light Flashlight

Black lights have many practical uses and these include everything from entertainment, commercial, industrial, beauty and healthcare. When black lights are used in medicine, forensics and in some areas of science we often hear them referred to as a Wood’s lamp. This is because it is named after the inventor of the original Wood’s glass UV filter, Robert Williams Wood, an American physicist.

Medical Applications for black light and ultraviolet light

⦁ Dermatology – at a wavelength of 365nm the skin can be observed. The dermatologist can observe certain forms of fungal infections, which will fluoresce pink; bacterial infections, which will show up as coral red or yellow-green and certain acne causing bacteria which have an orange glow. Vitiligo, the condition associated with patchy loss of pigmentation, can also be detected and will appear as yellow-green or blue under the Wood’s lamp. Melanomas can also be detected like this.

⦁ Diagnostics – the ingestion of antifreeze can be picked up in the urine. Doctor’s are able to see if a patient has ethylene glycol poisoning due to the fact that its manufacturers commonly add fluorescein to it, which causes the patient’s urine to fluoresce under a black light. Porphyria can also be detected from the urine, which turns pink when illuminated.

⦁ Neonatal care – Known as the Bili light, with a range of 420-470nm, babies born with jaundice can be treated with phototherapy.


Safety of Using Black Light or UV Light

Black lights produce mostly long-wave UVA radiation, with low frequency and low energy and very low UVB radiation. Although UVA has been linked to the development of skin cancer in humans, it is still the safest of the three spectra of UV light. That is because UVA is low energy and does not cause sunburn, but it does cause damage to collagen fibers which then accelerates skin ageing and it also destroys vitamin A in the skin.

UVB and UVC directly cause DNA damage to the skin; while UVA is not as easily absorbed it can only cause problems with overexposure in situations like sun bed use. The retina of the eyes can also be damaged from long exposure, but the use of sunglasses with good quality UV protection is essential.

Black Light and UV Flashlight Uses

1. Counterfeit currency

The legal banknotes of many countries have fluorescent symbols on them that show up under black light. The rest of the paper used in printing money is of a different quality to commercially available papers. That means that counterfeit money will fluoresce all over under black light, whereas real currency will only fluoresce on where the specific symbols are.

$20 under UV Examination for Counterfit

2. Authenticate other documents

The identification cards, passports, driver’s licenses and other official documentation of some countries are produced with the same principles as those for counterfeit money and can be verified with the use of a black light flashlight.

3. Biological Stains

The applications here are very useful. Pet owners can often smell urine, vomit or feces from their pets, but cannot find them once they have dried on carpeting or furniture. A black light flashlight will quickly help solve the problem. One just needs to turn off the lights and turn on the flashlight, and the stains will glow until completely cleaned.

Detectives and policemen are finding black light flashlights very useful at crime scenes where they can pick up traces of various bodily fluids and crime scene tampering. The flashlights can also detect certain types of drugs. LSD fluoresces under black light.

4. Inspection for bed bugs

Bed bugs can spread disease and we need to regularly inspect our mattresses at home and when visiting hotel rooms to ensure that there is no infestation. Bed bugs hate light and it is very difficult to find them in the daylight. Black light flashlights will not find the bed bugs directly, but the bugs do leave a trail, which the light will pick up.

5. Hotel room inspections

When traveling we all fear coming across a hotel room that appears to be clean, but we can’t shake off the feeling, or the smell, that it actually is not what it appears to be.

The black light flashlight will help you to inspect the sheets and other bedding for stains that include urine, semen, saliva and beverage stains. It can also be used to check the shower, bathtub, sink and toilet for stains.

On arrival to any hotel room, all you have to do is draw the curtains and begin the inspection and if the cleanliness of the establishment is lacking call up for them to do the job properly.

6. Insect collectors

Photographers and collectors of insects and moths use various types of black light flashlights to attract the specimens at night.

7. Scorpion identification

For those of us living in areas with scorpions, we know that they are not easy to see at night, even with traditional flashlights. With UV flashlights and black light flashlights they are easy to spot.

Scorpion Under Black Lights

8. Geological inspections

Black light flashlights are very useful to budding geologists or professionals who like to explore the countryside and caves for interesting mineral formations.

9. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning repairs

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems can be difficult to maintain. Technicians find portable black light flashlights useful in detecting leaks within compressor and refrigerator pipes. They often inject fluorescent dye into the system which will then light up as it leaks from the pipes.

10. Construction sturdiness

Engineers working on metal structures apply fluorescent fluids to these and then inspect them with black light to ensure that there are no cracks or other weaknesses in them.

11. Entertainment venues and other security applications

When working in offices or living in spaces with other people there are often mix-ups with items such as pens, flashlights, clothing and other apparatus necessary for us to complete tasks or get about our daily lives. This can be prevented by using fluorescent marking pens to put our names on these. The invisible writing will only show up when lit under a black light.

Black light Clubbing

Many entertainment venues like clubs, theme parks and festivals often use a fluorescent rubber stamp on the wrist of attendees. This allows them to ensure that those who have paid can leave and re-enter while others do not get in without paying.

12. Inspecting old homes or used furniture

The purchase of older homes or used furniture can often be wrought with dangers of later finding things that are well hidden. Black light flashlights help detect stains on carpeting and furniture and detect old mold stains in bathrooms and kitchens.


UV and black light flashlights are practical to use and cover large areas, depending on the number of LED bulbs. Most are water and shock resistant and are economical to use, while also hardy against falls and bangs. When operating UV or black light flashlights they should not be looked at directly into the light and should not be shone into the eyes of others.

I will be updated this post with recommended products shortly so please bookmark it if needed and check back shortly.

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Outdoor Solar Lights – For Style And Security

In the past lighting your outside space had always been such a hassle. You would have to choose where you wanted the light to go, dig a channel to run the cable to the lights or drill through brick and then wire them up to a power point. If you were unlucky you might even damage the cable with a spade or fork by accident.


Halogen Security Light

You can now have the style and security of outdoor lighting be it with or without motion detectors and none of that hassle, because you can buy outdoor solar lights that can work without mains wiring and recharge themselves with the power of the sun.

Why Go For Solar Outdoor Lights?

You can choose a light that turns on automatically at dusk, lights that can be manually turned on and off or wall mounted security lights that will turn on when motion is detected “like an unwanted guest”.

These light are so simple to install, being powered by the sun and storing the electrical charge in an internal battery, there are no cables to worry about and at the most will require a few holes in a wall for mounting. Just choose where suits you best and place them there.

Small Solar Light

If you are looking to cut cost on electricity bills, then installing solar powered lights across your yard and gardens will definitely save you some extra cash. Despite their capacity to turn the energy of the sun into electrical energy, outdoor solar lights are manufactured without intent to compromise the beauty of your yard.

These environmentally friendly and easy to maintain outdoor solar lights can come in some of the most beautiful and elegant designs.

While some especially the decorative lamps can be staked to the ground, security lights can be fitted to poles or mounted on walls surrounding the yard.

How Long Does A Solar Battery Last For?

With modern Li-Ion battery technology (also found in your smart phone, cordless drill, electric car to name a few) the battery can depending on size last up to and above 10 hours on a day’s charge. You don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries because they’re rechargeable, so you’re getting your free energy from the sun not from the main’s and not having to worry about replacing batteries. It’s a win / win combination.

Some Benefits Of Outdoor Solar Lights

Due to the variety in types and styles of outdoor solar lights, it is considerably easy to find lights matching your desire and required design. Imagine wanting to light up your yard or garden with Patio torches, Solar lamps like the Newhouse lighting solar flickering LED Tiki torches will give you that desired effect without you having to deal continually with the flames from Patio or Tiki torches.

The benefits of replacing your lighting with solar-powered lights are quite numerous. Solar lights are predominantly cost-effective and can save owners and users a considerable amount of money spent on maintenance and electricity bills.

Solar lights convert the energy from the sun into electrical energy; thus they are suitable for use even in places and environments lacking electricity. That is even places without electrical grids could be easily lit up with the aid of solar lights.
Solar lights range from household lights to decorative lights and even outdoor security lights.

Outdoor solar lights provide a much more convenient and less expensive way to keep the neighborhood lit up at night. Without recourse to electrical grids, entire streets can still be properly lit for drivers, pedestrians and overall security of an area.


Dark Road at Night


Some of the benefits of using solar energy based lightnings outdoors include;

  •  The reduction in the cost of electricity bills
  •  Their durability and easy to fix nature
  •  Solar lamps could be conveniently installed without the aid of expert individuals
  •  It reduces the dependence on fossil fuel
  •  They operate on clean and renewable energy
  •  There is no need for visible wires except in rare cases
  •  It does not in any way cause nor increase atmospheric pollution as no gas is emitted
  •  There is no reliance on electricity to power it
  •  It can be conveniently installed outside, either on a wall, pole or even staked to the ground
  • Works when the power is out!!– Because the light’s are not connected to your main’s the lights will work if there is a power cut
  • Maintenance is relatively cheap; and so on


How Bright Are Solar Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor solar light’s have a large variation in light output as decorative lights can have a low flame or glow effect but outdoor security light’s can have a massive light output, well over 1000 lumens

“See Link To Lumen Scale Here”

Of course, it depends on what you intend to use the light for so make sure you chose a light output that suits your requirement.

Solar Down Lights

Down lights placed on the outside of your house or garage can really make your home stand out with bright warmth and of course add security, they also look fantastic in my option.


What Are The Downsides Of Solar Lights?

The main downside to a LED solar light compared to a conventional halogen bulb mains light are the LED lights can’t be replaced like a normal bulb. LED bulbs do last on average 10 x longer then a normal bulb so you are going to get years and years of use out of the light before this is an issue. In general outdoor electrical equipment, due to the exposure to the element’s, fails after a few years anyway.

The other thing to be aware of is if the solar light has a dirty solar panel the battery will not get a full charge and the light might not manage to stay light all night if you have it on a constantly light setting.

But overall the advantages of a solar outdoor light easily outweigh the negatives.

Types Of Outdoor Solar Lights

There are a variety of ways in which outdoor solar lights can be categorized; however, in this article what we consider is the purpose for the lights. Installing outdoor solar lights could be for security, decoration and/or beautification or merely illumination.

⦁ Garden and pathway lamps- outdoor lights falling under this category are mainly for the purpose of aesthetic purposes. Garden lights offer a different kind of glow perfect for beautifying and adding glamour to a yard. These type of lights are not usually as bright as the security lights or those built merely for illumination. Pathway lamps although similar to the garden lamps can be staked into the ground or fitted on poles along a path to illuminate such path as well as beautify it.

⦁ Street lamps- these solar powered lights provide drivers as well as pedestrians, the illumination necessary for whatever activities geared towards nightfall. It also serves a sort of security purpose by discouraging illicit activities due to the bright illumination it provides.

⦁ Security lights- security lights are fitted with the sole purpose of providing security to a yard or building. They could be mounted on walls, flagpoles, or even hung from structures. Most recent solar powered security lights are also fitted with motion-sensors to further deter intruders.

Below Are Some Examples of Outdoor Solar Lights and Lamps you May Consider.



1. InnoGear Yard Solar spotlights


Innogear Solar Spotlight


The InnoGear solar spotlight is a 200-Lumen generating outdoor solar light with two modes. It can either serve as a wall light or a yard light mounted on a supplied spike.

Both the solar panel and the light are adjustable. The solar panel can be adjusted to maximize the required sunlight needed.
It takes about 8 hours to fully charge when the day is not cloudy.

Its two modes are dim and bright both having run-times of about 12 hours and 6 hours respectively, the lights will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

The light is IP65 water resistance so can handle rain no problem, the built in battery is a 18650 Li-ion battery that can be replaced if necessary.

Set of 4 available on amazon for $69.99



2. GARDENBLISS Outdoor Solar Lights (10 pack)




The GARDENBLISS solar outdoor light set is an easy-to-install outdoor solar light, its installation require no tools, simple chose your desired spike height and push the light into the ground. It is built to withstand every kind of weather.

This light features a stylish compact package that holds the solar panel, battery and LED light all in one, The outdoor solar lights also feature a automatic no at dusk and off at dawn feature so no need to turn the lights on and off each night.

With over 1700 customer reviews and a average of 4/5 stars, you just know your buying a highly rated solar light set.

They are available on Amazon for $36.99


3. Solar String Lights Outdoor 500 LEDs

Solar String Lights

This LED String light set is a little bit different from the previous solar lights, this lighting option is a twist on the outdoor Christmas light you see on people’s homes but they do not plug in to the a power socket they get there power from the sun, so you could put them there you don’t have access to power, use them to color your garden or house at night or use them as Christmas lights.

With 500 LED bulbs and many lighting options plus a remote, there a great versatile lighting option.

The solar string lights are water resistant and available for $39.98 on amazon




4. Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights


BAXIA Solar Security Light


The main purpose of this solar security light is to light a area for a short period of time (around 30 seconds) be it to aid you at night or deter an unwanted guest.

The Baxia Technology Solar Lights provide very bright light (up to 2000Lm) which can effectively illuminate a large area and can thus be used as a flood light. It is, however, a motion-sensing type of light, this light can not be use to constantly light an area.  It comes with just a single mode which is triggered only if motion is detected within an area of about 12 feet. When it is triggered.

It can last a considerably long time since it only turns on when it has been triggered by motion.

If what you need is a light to completely light up your yard, this may not be your best option but by strategically placing this light around your home you can light separate areas when needed.

This light set comes in a pack of 2 and is available for $36.99 on amazon.


5. Othway wall and Fence Post Decorative Solar Lights


OTHWAY Solar Wall Light


This light is suitable for individuals seeking to add style to their walls and fences. It is a decorative type of light which provides constant but dim illumination over a short run-time. It is easy to mount and packs only about 12 Lumens.

The Othway wall/fence decorative lights are mainly aesthetic. It is for aestetic rather than illumination. The lights have a single mode which is auto-on when darkness creeps in and off when light is being detected.

This light is a fantastic product if your looking to add a bit of glamour to your outside space and with over 1200 amazon reviews and a average of 4.5/5 stars it a trusted product.

Available on amazon at $22.99 for a pack of 4.


6. Aootek 3 Mode Outdoor Solar Lights

AOOTEK Solar Security Light


The Aootek 3 mode outdoor solar lights packs a capacity of 450 Lumens, with 3 different modes and it requires mounting on a fence or a wall. These lights are flexible and have a physical structure that allows them the farthest possible reach.

The light has 3 different modes, the simplest mode is the automatic mode where the lights turn on when it’s dark and turns back off when it senses light. The other two modes are motion sensing modes. One for bright light and the other dim.

As with most outdoor solar lights this light has a IP65 water resistance rating.

This light has over 1400 reviews on amazon with a average rating of 4.5/5 stars and is available for $27.99 for a pack of 2 lights.


7. TomCare Solar Flickering Flames, Lights, Torches.

Tomcare Solar Flame light


With the Tomcare Solar flickering lights your getting a authentic looking flame with out the dangers and hassle of a traditional flame torch, the lights will charge themselves through the day and auto turn on and off at dawn and dusk.

The lights will last up to 12 hours on a full charge and require no wire’s or tool to install, just place them in the ground at you’re desired location and enjoy.

The solar outdoor lights can be left outside in all weather conditionals thanks to their IP65 water resistance rating and with over 1000 reviews on amazon with a rating of 5/5 stars they certainly are a popular choice.

A set of 4 solar lights are $79.99 on Amazon.




Solar outdoor light’s are a great modern choice if you want to improve your garden and home, be it for styling or security.They are self charging, energy efficient and come with many options and features that were only dreamed of a few years ago. So make the most of modern LED, battery and solar technology and improve your home and garden.

If you have any questions or comment please feel free to leave the below.

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LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants – A User’s Manual

LED grow lights can be used in all climates to assist indoor plants to grow. Even in warm temperate climates, plants need photosynthesis, and often indoor plants cannot get enough sunlight for this. During the winter season, indoor plants often suffer, even those close to windows because of the shorter daylight time and LED Grow lights offer the plants much needed light exposure.

LED Grow lights

The application of LED lights for growing plants is not only applicable for homes, but is used by growers to assist grow trays with seeds and seedlings, using the lights in conjunction with hydroponic systems and greenhouse environments.

LEDs work with diodes which make them far more economical when compared to other lights, while offering better efficiency in assisting plant growth.

Cultivating indoor plants has never been easier. Now, more than ever before, people want the benefits of growing their own herbs, vegetables or to have lush green plants in their homes. Since many of us now live in much smaller homes and apartments we want to bring some of the feel of a garden indoors and want to cultivate indoor plants any time of the year.

A brief history

The most efficient grow light is the sun, but since it isn’t always an option, horticulturists have been using artificial ones for more than a century. The evolution of geoponic lighting started when in the 1880s fluorescent lamps were used by horticulturists and then moved to high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) in the 1950s. Since the 1990s to today light-emitting diodes (LEDs) began to hit the market and have become the popular choice.

Shuji Nakamura invented the blue LED in 1994, which then led to the creation of white light, which is not a natural output color for LEDs. This was a significant success with scientists but the public only caught on much later. From 1999 onwards the development of LEDs moved at a fast pace as money was heavily invested into perfecting them by governments and private investments.

With many options available to them, greenhouse owners chose between the two better types, High Intensity Discharge (HID) and LED. HID grow lights have greater power and lower cost, but offer little flexibility. They have high amounts of red and yellow/orange light but lack blue.


Fluorescent Grow Lights

This causes plants to grow longer but skinnier. Another division of HID is the Metal Halide (MH) which provide higher amounts of blue, but not all plants can grow entirely under MH or HPS as most plants need the full spectrum of color lights to thrive properly.

The full spectrum for most plants to have successful photosynthesis and to have healthy growth is:

  • 600 – 700 nm red
  • 400-500 nm blue
  • 500-600 nm green

The early LED grow lights lacked the power to compete with HID, but just like the modern LEDs have become extremely popular in the home, so more growers have replaced the older lights with LED.

The initial outlay might seem steep but horticulturists know that in the long run they will gain because of lower running costs and healthier plants. As the technology of the LED gets better, there are now higher intensities and lower costs making them the most sought after choice.

The future of LED grow lights for indoor use

As lights evolve the future is to produce LEDs that not only combine blues and reds like now, but to also be able to control them automatically by computer. The purpose of this would be to regulate their flowering and fruiting cycle according to the ratio of red to blue light.

Towards the end of summer the Earth receives an increased amount of red light, and plants take that as a signal to shift from vegetative growth to reproduction mode. It would be ideal to get LEDs to make this gradual shift to improve indoor crop performance.

Research is also looking to simulate the varying red-blue ratio of the sunrise and sunset, having a beneficial effect on plants. There is also the possibility that other wavelengths not directly associated with photosynthesis – such as far red or ultraviolet – might also affect certain plant processes.

Simple Tips

Here are a few simple tips on how to use LED grow lights for indoor use to turn any area available, whether a shelf, room, basement, or a small garden greenhouse into a productive cultivation area.

Setting up the indoor area

The first step is to consider the types of plants, spacing between them to allow for growth access for pruning and care. The next phase is to measure the area to be lit. The lights purchased will have to light up the whole growing area. This may need more than one light.

Deciding on LED grow light colors

Violet blue light encourages chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis and growth. Red light promotes flowering and budding.

LED grow lights for indoor use offer the latest technology and are extremely energy efficient, emit an ultra-low heat output and an ideal light spectrum range. They are currently the most efficient and effective way to grow plants at home and offer an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Some of the more sophisticated grow lights on the market offer the optimal full spectrum of lights which provides all plants, vegetables and flowers with the equivalent of natural sunlight to cover all their growing, flowering and seeding needs.

Look for lights which give and equivalent of 600 watt HPS/MH, while consuming only 260watts. Features of some of the better models can also include quieter fans and heat dissipation.

How to place LED grow light for indoor use

LED Grow Light Placement

Overhead hanging of LED grow lights is the best way to mimic the effects of the sun on the plants. This exposes all sides of the leaves to the artificial light. LEDs can be placed at a height of between 6 to 12 inches from the plants, because they emit less heat than other lights.

Although the electroluminescent process doesn’t produce much heat, they do sometimes generate heat because of the electricity at the base of the lamp and this might be a problem if a lot are put together. The solution to the heating is to place cooling fans. Most of the heating occurs at the back of the fixtures and that is why they can be put much closer to plants than other lights, sometimes even among the plants to provide light to the lower leaves.

Amount of hours LED grow light should be used for

Remember that plants also need darkness during their growth cycle. During the day, sunlight is essential for photosynthesis to help them produce energy. At night, this energy is broken down in a process known as respiration, to help the growth and flowering.

The amount of light each plant needs varies, but the general rule is that most vegetables and flowering plants need 12 to 16 hours of light within a 24-hour period, followed by 8 hours of darkness. The LEDs shouldn’t be left on for the whole 24 hours. If you are forgetful you could install a timer switch, these are wonderful because they can be regulated to turn on and off automatically.

Seed packaging, plant tags and nurseries can make more specific suggestions about light to dark ratios.

Special features of LED grow lights for indoor use

  • LED grow lights come in 2 to 5 watt varieties and output anything between 120 and 300 lumens. Larger models use 17 watts of electricity, giving them the output of 1,020 lumens. These levels are much lower than incandescent bulbs and they give off less heat, protecting plants from heat burns.


  • They come out in mostly a slim square or rectangular shape, with a flat lighting surface and the bulbs are much smaller than other bulkier types of lighting, measuring only a few inches in diameter. For those farming on a larger scale, LED manufacturers make longer and wider LED panels, which can be used in greenhouses. Whether they are large or small, LED grow lights weigh much less than the bulkier traditional lights previously used.

There are many sophisticated models of LED lights which house cooling fans, power inputs, thermal cut-off regulators and heat sinks and all depends on individual needs.


  • LEDs are direct current devices and require power conversion and conditioning to operate. However, manufacturers provide the necessary circuitry to allow them to be operated off standard household or industrial power sources.


  • With 60% less consumption than the energy of similar appliances, for example high-density discharge or fluorescent lamps, LED grow lights are energy efficient. Their lifespan of 50,000 hours equals a very impressive six years of use. Their monochromatic and narrow wavelength band allows for more precision and effectiveness.


  • Initial outlay is much more when buying LED grow lights but you need to take the cost of electricity into the equation.


Save Money


  • As your plants increase in size, you will have to move all types of lights, including LEDs further away from them. LEDs are lighter and easier to rig on an easy to move system.


LED grow lights have really changed the way indoor cultivation has evolved, there easy to use lightweight and energy efficient, With a long life and low heat output maybe it’s time you upgraded to LED grow light’s over conventional grow lighting, if your a beginner or a seasoned expert there is no doubt LED grow lights will aid you in all you’re growing and cultivate needs.

If you have any comment or question’s please leave them below and I will get back to  you.

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Emergency Flashlight – A Real Must Have

If it’s a power outage, a car breakdown or a zombie apocalypse an emergency flashlight is a must. Of course, you do have a few options other than a flashlight but to be honest they’re not great, you could use a candle or a glow stick / light stick both of these are fine for short term use but a candle needs a match or a lighter and is no good for the road side and a glow stick will only last around 12 hours max in a warm climate, so I would say a flashlight is the way to go.

Types of Emergency Flashlights

When it comes to emergency flashlight you have a few options; a standard battery operated flashlight, a hand crank flashlight or a light that is constantly plugged into the mains and will illuminate if there is a power outage.


Battery Operated Flashlight

OK I am going to further break this down into 2 categories:-

  • Lantern type lighting

Lantern lights are more of a room or area lighting option and will light a 360 degree area around the light so will fill a room or your personal campsite area. They are super popular will campers for this reason and can be a great solution for a power cut.

I would recommend this emergency lantern as it’s USB rechargeable or powered by standard D and AA size batteries and has removable flashlights that can be used independently if needed.



>> Click Here For Price<<


  • Standard flashlights

A standard LED flashlight is great for pin point lighting and can also light a room if the beam focus is adjustable, a battery powered flashlight will produce more light but have a slightly more limited battery life.

The Olight S30R III would be my choice for the above lighting needs, as it can be left on charge so no need to worry about the battery being flat. It has a fantastic battery life if used on a lower power setting (up to 130 hours on 12 lumens mode). It has a magnetic base, great for a car breakdown and can easily fit in a pocket due to it’s compact size.

olight S20r flashlight

>> Click Here For Price<<


To learn more about my favourite flashlights visit :-

>>Best Flashlight Review Top 10<<

Hand Crank Flashlight

A hand crank flashlight is a great maintenance free option as you don’t need to worry about batteries being charged or spare batteries being available. The light output will, in general, be lower than a battery powered flashlight but again you don’t need to worry about batteries so they can be really handy.

This purpose build emergency flashlight is designed for a car crash or breakdown but it has so many features. It would be great for camping or a home black out. One of the features that stands out for me is the ability to charge you phone from the flashlight so you don’t need to worry about your phone going flat and not being able to contact or be contacted.


hand crank emergency flashlight

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Constant Mains Powered Light

This light will be plugged in to a wall socket and triggered by a power outage so when your neighbours houses go black, your house will still have a light source right away. It can be removed from the wall and if fully charged be used as a standalone flashlight for 24 hours.

The Bluetech LED flashlight is a great choice if you are looking for an emergency light for the home. When a power cut happens, it will automatically turn on and can be used without a charge for up to 24 hours. The light has a motion detector and can be an absolute life saver during a emergency or power cut.

bluetech led flashlight

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So don’t leave it to chance and be left in the dark! When the next power cut or emergency situation happens make sure you’re prepared with a flashlight, so you and your family are safe and ready for any situation.


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