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What is a Xenon Bulb – Are they really worth it??

Some of you may ask yourselves: “What is a xenon bulb?”

Xenon bulbs are most commonly known for their use in the automobile industry, specifically for headlights. They are however, energy efficient and can also be used for home lighting and in flashlights, they are especially great for areas that need to be well lit.


What is a Xenon bulb

What is a Xenon Bulb?

Named after the gas that they are filled with, xenon bulbs are a form of incandescent lighting. The xenon gas extends the life of the tungsten filament, and both are encased within a globe of high melting-point glass.


Why add gas?

Regular incandescent light bulbs develop vacuums within their glass as air oxidizes the glowing tungsten filament. When an inert gas, like xenon or halogen, is added it slows down this process and the life of the bulb is prolonged. That is because the large gas molecules deflect the tungsten molecules. This slows their rate of evaporation and the filament keeps going for longer.

Xenon is an odorless and colorless gas and not only does it retard the filament evaporation, but also produces a bright-white light when electrified.


Xenon led bulb

Why consider a xenon bulb?

Both halogen and xenon are gases and when added to bulbs they work more efficiently than regular incandescent globes. Xenon though, is by far the more expensive of the two gases.

When compared to halogen bulbs, xenon bulbs last five times longer. In commercial bulbs halogen gives 1,000 hours use, whereas xenon anything from 8,000 to 20,000 hours. In the home environment they last about 3,000 to 5,000 hours, and sometimes even more.

Where can you use xenon lamps?

  • Automotive lighting
  • Portable flashlights
  • Work lights
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Task lights
  • Desk lamps
  • Artwork lighting


what is a xenon led bulb


Benefits of using xenon bulbs


  •  Available in clear and frosted glass options according to your preference.
  • They have a better and warmer light that is more pleasant to the eye than that of halogen bulbs, even though they both have a similar color rendering index (CRI).
  • When they burn they don’t emit the same amount of heat as halogen bulbs, helping to keep the temperatures in the areas lit cooler and save energy.
  • Xenon gas requires less heat to produce light and saves on electricity.
  • Halogen light bulbs will have a greatly reduced light expectancy if touched directly on the bulb with bare hands, whereas xenon bulbs have no such problem.
  • There is no danger of having curtains and upholstery that are near the lights fade. The reason for this is that they emit minimal UV rays.
  • There is no danger of pressure building.
  • For those living in areas with unstable voltages with many dips and spikes, xenon bulbs will have a longer lifespan than other light bulbs, especially fluorescents.
  • Xenon lights can be used with standard light dimmers (unlike LEDs and CFLs which need the dimmer to be compatible with light bulbs that are also dimmable), making then energy efficient and giving you various lighting options for your living spaces.


You can use xenon lighting where you would have previously used incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Just remember to ensure:

  • That they have the same wattage and voltage
  • The lamp envelope or glass should be the same shape and size
  • Lastly, the lamps should have the same type of base e.g. bipin, festoon, wedge and so on.


Xenon energy saving


Recycling and the environment


Besides being more energy efficient than halogen and incandescent, xenon light bulbs are also much easier to dispose of especially when compared to CFLs. All types of light bulbs must be recycled, while CFLs need to be handled carefully because they contain mercury.

Xenon bulbs don’t contain mercury and if one breaks you won’t be exposed to any harmful toxins, whereas if a CFL breaks you must protect your hands by wearing gloves and put on a face mask to prevent breathing in the dust. The broken pieces must be placed in a sealed container and taken to a CFL recycling center. Also turn off the cooling or heating system in your home or office for at least 15 minutes.

In Europe many countries are phasing out Halogen bulbs due to their inefficiency, and incandescent bulbs are almost obsolete. LEDs are taking over the global market because they are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

So, LEDs are the winners since they are 90% more efficient than standard bulbs and xenon bulbs, which have very few downsides, come in second.

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Rechargeable Streamlight Flashlights – (What To Look Out For in Detail)

Everything you need to know about the Rechargeable Streamlight flashlight.

The best lighting tool for completing any job is the right lighting tool. At Streamlight they have developed a wider range of specific flashlights than any other lighting supplier, helping you complete your tasks faster and more efficiently. Streamlight holds over 150 US patents for its innovations and over 100 US and foreign trademarks – a remarkable achievement for a lighting company.

One of the most recognized brands globally, Streamlight is approved by the military and public security sector and their flashlights are used by almost everyone from homeowners, motor mechanics, and military personnel. The reason can be attributed to their uncompromising quality and excellence of design and accountability. This has driven Streamlight to continuously improve on their products through new innovations and technologies to ensure flashlights that are brighter, lighter, longer lasting and more compact.

streamlight flashlight

A Brief History

Streamlight started producing lighting tools just over 45 years ago and is currently located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA. Besides the manufacture of flashlights powered by rechargeable and disposable batteries, they are known for their specialized lighting. These include weapon-mountable lights, a right angle light for firefighters and Laser Illuminators, a combination of LED weapon light and laser.

Manufacturing Standards

The company strives to make peoples’ lives easier so they concentrate on offering quality workmanship and materials that last.


1. Design and engineering

In order to be able to solve their customers’ problems, the team at Streamlight design and build each light with the purpose of offering safety and efficiency for users. Members of their design and engineering team go out into real-world situations in order to test each light for the purpose it is designed.


2. Resource management

Stringent environmental waste reduction initiatives are part of their materials management program, ensuring that they do their part in protecting the environment.


3. Durability

Every product is tested to ensure that it will survive the normal wear and tear of the job it is designed for.

rechargeable streamlight flashlight

Choosing the Right Flashlight

Streamlight has developed three series of flashlights so that you can choose the right one for the job.


⦁ Tradition Series

Designed for the broadest range of lighting they are ideal for general, multi-purpose use.

They offer an optimal balance of candela and lumens and the longest regulated run times.

They are typically used for day-to-day industrial use, law enforcement; general contracting work and for vehicle maintenance.


⦁ High Lumen (HL) Series

These give maximum illumination from a high lumen beam and a good level of candela

They provide full situational awareness because of their extraordinary delivery of bright light in a wide beam pattern.

They are perfect for lighting up smaller areas, where a lot of concentrated light is needed.

They don’t have a long reach.

Typical uses include searching a dark alley, lighting a campsite, vehicle stop, and search patrols and scene illumination.

They are usually small enough to fit in a pocket.

streamlight rechargeable

⦁ High Performance, High Lumen (HPL) Series

Because of their high-candela beam these are a perfect choice for down-range applications which require optimal beam distances.

These flashlights have enhanced lumen output and deliver long-range lighting.

Their bright beam is peripheral and they throw more light on a target from a distance.

Typical uses include search and rescue missions, down-range illumination, inspecting utility lines from ground level and to light up a dark alley all the way down.


Disposable Battery Versus Rechargeable

⦁ Disposable

Both alkaline and lithium batteries have a long storage life of between 7 and 10 years. Their running costs are higher than those of rechargeable batteries and they don’t offer very bright lights. Lithium batteries are the more costly of the two.


⦁ Rechargeable

Rechargeable flashlights are better suited for frequent use. They use either nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion batteries. These flashlights might cost a little more to purchase but offer low operating costs.


⦁ Rechargeable 18650 USB

The lithium-ion 18650 battery is rechargeable on a USB port. The initial purchase price might be higher, but the running costs over the rest of the life of the flashlight are low.

>For a list of my best 18650 Li-ion batteries please click here<

Know the Bulb Types

Lumens of bulbs are a measurement of the total output of a bulb, whereas in a LED it is the measurement of all the light inside the angle of the beam. Cadela refers to the measure of the brightest spot in a focused beam.

Today’s flashlights depend on LED bulbs to produce light. This new technology offers cost efficiency and long life. LEDs offer flexibility and you can adjust the output and beam pattern according to your needs. Streamlight offers a choice of the following bulbs:

⦁ LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes – They offer up to 100,000 hours of light so don’t need replacement. They can run for longer periods on less power and are available in various colors, including Ultraviolet. At Streamlight they use some of their engineering technology, including a reflector, to increase the brightness and create an intense beam of light.

“Chip on Board” (COB) LED – Nine or more multiple LED chips are used together as one lighting module placed directly on a circuit board. When lit up the lights don’t show as individual lights, but look like a lighting panel.

⦁ Combination LED/COB LED – The combination of LED and COB LED offers intense brightness for long distance and flood beam for up close. This is a multi-function light that offers flexibility.


When choosing the right flashlight you must take into consideration the type of environment that it is to be used in and if it carries the proper approval ratings. All Streamlight flashlights are properly tested to meet all applicable safety standards for the environments they are meant to be used in. When choosing which flashlight suits your needs best you will be able to see what safety division it falls in according to the National Electric Code (NEC). Class I is if flammable gases, liquids or vapors are present, class II is the presence of combustible dust and Class III refers to ignitable fiber in the atmosphere. All Streamlight flashlights are tested and certified by the world’s leading independent laboratories so that you can be sure that they are safe in the environment that you will be using it in. Choose your favorite model of Streamlight’s rechargeable flashlight today and enjoy a lifetime of bright light.



Rechargeable Streamlight flashlights are designed to suit various lighting need. With different series to suit each and every situation, they  designed and made with modern high-tech features, are rechargeable Streamlight flashlights the perfect lighting source for everyone needs? well just maybe they are.


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Outdoor Survival Kit List – (Check what you need before you need it)

For those that love the outdoors, it’s necessary to be prepared for any unexpected situation. On the other hand, if you are not the outdoor type, you will still want to be prepared for any type of natural disaster that might force you to spend some time away from home.

An outdoor survival kit is the best way to ensure that you are always prepared for the worst since some situations can take a while to clear up and emergency rescuers may not have easy access to where you are during a disaster.

outdoor survival kit

If you are not sure what to look for and what else to include in your survival kit, here is an outdoor survival kit list guide to assist you.


Most common natural disasters:

⦁ Heat waves – The effects of global warming can be felt across the globe and if you are out in the open on a very hot day, you may suffer from heat exhaustion, sunstroke, dehydration, etc. if you aren’t well-prepared.

⦁ Droughts – For citizens in the US, one of the worst disasters in living memory was the Dust Bowl which made conditions so unbearable that people were housebound for many days and many people and animals perished. If a region is suffering from drought, one of the first things that come to mind is to not run out of water and to be protected from the dust particles.

survival kit

⦁ Floods – Flooding is one of those natural phenomena that can happen in no time. It can cut off areas making it difficult for help to reach them. Campers should always be careful near river beds during the rainy season as rivers can flood from rains upstream.

⦁ Earthquakes – Areas that are prone to earthquakes have small seismic activity often, but when a big earthquake happens, the aftershocks may send the residents out of their homes and into the outdoors, unable to return for many days, until the aftershocks subside.

⦁ Thunderstorms- Often accompanied by high winds, lightning and hail thunderstorms can wreak havoc on homes, electricity supply and uproot trees in an area, cutting it off for a few days.

⦁ Wildfires – Most frequently caused by dry weather and droughts, devastating wildfires are increasing yearly globally and they destroy forests and abodes.

⦁ Hurricanes and Tornadoes – Both these natural disasters are devastating with their high wind speeds and torrential rain. Your home will have to be boarded up and you may need to move to a safer area until the danger passes.

⦁ Volcanoes – The environment can be completely destroyed for a long time to come after an eruption. Volcanoes have destroyed cities and civilizations in the past and they even change the weather patterns in a region.

⦁ Winter freeze – Extremely cold weather and blizzards can leave people stranded in their homes, vehicles, and airports. In the event of a power outage, the frigid temperatures can lead to hypothermia and death.

What to put in your survival kit

In order to make it through a disaster, you will have to be well-prepared beforehand. Survival kits should be put together in such a way as to ensure that they can offer all the necessary provisions for at least 72 hours. Remember to check your survival kit often and to replace any essentials that may have been used or that have expired.

1. Food and water

No one can survive without water, so bottled water is the first essential for your survival kit. Bottled water can last for up to two years. You may prefer a portable water filtration system. Food is the next essential item and canned food will last for up to five years. Both canned food and water have expiration dates. Check the items once a year and throw out expired items.

2. Emergency lighting

You will need to be able to light up the area during a disaster. Candles (look for those that burn for up to 30 hours) and waterproof matches are ideal. Flashlights are easier and safer to use, but you will have to check their batteries regularly and make sure to have spare batteries as well. If you have a rechargeable flashlight then a portable power charger with crank works well. It will also help keep your cell phone and radio charged.

emergency lighting

>Link to Emergency flashlight post here<

3. Means of communication

Your cell phone may prove useless after the battery has gone down or the tower in the area has been affected, so a CB radio will be a good item to have for communication. A portable radio with spare batteries or solar powered will keep you updated on the latest developments in the area and when it’s safe to return.

4. Sleeping bag

A combination of a camping sleeping bag and a space blanket is the best way to keep warm, especially if the weather is cold. Body-warmers also help keep you warm.

5. Tools for survival

Every good survival kit has a good pocket knife. The more the functions the more prepared you will be to open cans, cut material, and rope, etc. You will also need a dust mask to avoid breathing in dust particles, nylon rope, and a whistle to be able to alert rescuers to where you are. Sun block, hats and a mosquito net are other essentials that should be added to a good survival kit.

6. Fire starting and general survival equipment

fire stick

A fire starting stick can be a blessing when needed as matches can get wet and a lighter can run out or not work, other items that can help are a wire saw, a whistle and a basic compass.

7. First aid kit

Every survival kit needs a first aid kit. It must include gauze, antibacterial ointment, pain relief medication, bandages, hand sanitizer and gloves. These essentials will allow you to treat wounds and prevent any infections from spreading.

8. Other emergency items for survival

You might want to place a few non-essential items in your survival kit that will help keep you psychologically well in the event that you are stuck somewhere for a long time. For some it might be a book or a pack of playing cards, for others it may be a pair of binoculars. Just make sure that your survival kit is not heavier than what you can carry.

9. Personal hygiene

Toothpaste, toothbrush and toilet paper are a few essentials that can be added.

Besides natural disasters, accidents can happen as you travel in your car, cruise on your boat or while on a fishing or camping trip. Make sure that you have a survival kit readily available for any type of situation.

Ready made survival kit’s

outdoor survival kit list

s made survival kits can be found in camping shops and are available online, they can offer you kits that can cover many situations so make sure you choose a kit that suits the situation you might find yourself in, there is no point buying a survival kit for a flood if you’re going on a winter skiing trip for example.

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What’s the best knife sharpener – Right to The Point

Finding a good knife sharpener can be a daunting task but is a very good idea if you want to keep your knives sharp and keep a good cutting edge. As you use a knife more and more over time without proper sharpening it’s going to loss it’s cutting edge and that can be an issue. So what’s the best knife sharpener, well the Lantana Knife Sharpener is a product created to help eliminate this problem and it’s extremely easy to use.

What's the best knife sharpener

How to choose a good knife sharpener?

You can go with a honing rod, electrical sharpener or a manual unit. Some say manual units are best because they are very convenient, easy to use and adaptable to your own requirements with little skill needed. Electric units are also good, but they are more expensive.

The materials used for sharpening matter too. Ceramic, diamond and tungsten carbide are widely used for sharpening, but lower quality materials might also be found on some products as well. Which means you really have to make sure that you’re using the best materials, otherwise the product might not perform well or at least only last for a short period.

You should also consider the amount of stages needed here. Some units have a single sharpening stage, others have a preparatory, sharpening and honing stage. Ideally you want multiple stages to ensure that the sharpening process is completed adequately and can remove chips to finishing the cutting edge.

Lantana Knife sharpener

Lantana Knife Sharpener features

The best thing about this unit is definitely it’s 3-stage sharpening process. The product has a ceramic, tungsten carbide and diamond sharpening system that really works well. It’s designed to help you sharpen everything quickly and it does work a lot better than you might imagine.

You will appreciate the amazing ergonomic design from this unit too. The rubber coated handle helps you obtain the perfect grip, and that really makes things easier and simpler for you. It might take a little bit to get used to how it works and so on, but it’s surely one of the better investments and one that you will enjoy all the same.

It’s important to note that they are also offering great instructions and the manufacturer even has lots of videos online too. That means you get to know how and when you can use the product and it really works the way you want without any restrictions and complications.


You can use the Lantana Knife Sharpener for wide serrated knives, straight edges steel kitchen knives and so on. it won’t be good for micro serrated knives, scissors so try to keep that in mind.

It’s great to notice that the company even has dedicated support for customers. Being able to receive professional support from vetted professionals really helps a lot and you will be very happy with the way everything works and the value received as a whole here.

How accurate is the sharpening process?

I like the fact that you sharpen at a 20-degree angle. That brings in a very good accuracy and you won’t have to worry about blade damage or anything like that. It might take a bit of time to get used to this, but thankfully the process is great and you will enjoy it quite a bit. It should ne noted that if you are sharpening a blade for the first time or it’s not already at 20-degree’s it might take slightly longer then the standard sharpening time, this is mentioned in the included instructions with the Lantana knife sharpener.

Maybe the best thing is that once you want to sharpen your knives with the Lantana Knife Sharpener, you won’t have to reuse the unit again for quite some time. After all, when you sharpen knives you want that result to last for a very long time. The sharpener is really a joy to use and if you are anything like me you will be looking for things to test the new sharpness on, so watch out any loss fruit or veg.

Another question that a lot of people have is how long will the unit last. Used adequately, this can last for years and years. Although the body is manly plastic and it’s by no means the most expensive knife sharpener available it’s any 100’s of great customers reviews can’t all be wrong.

best knife sharpener

Would I recommend the Lantana Knife Sharpener?

Anyone looking for a good quality affordable knife sharpener should give the Lantana Knife Sharpener a try. The design is spectacular, it suits lots of knives sharpening needs and you have quite a lot of amazing features and great design for you to enjoy. Plus, the performance is second to none, you really get all the value and benefits you want at a great price.

The Lantana Knife Sharpener also has great documentation, online videos and a really simple usage method, If you want a reliable sharpener you will find this to be very useful. It’s also quite affordable, so you should totally check it out and give it a try!

If you want to know more please click the link below.


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Power Bank portable charger – You’re Personal Power Station

One of the toughest things when it comes to using mobile devices or other rechargeable devices is that they do end up running out of battery. Not only that, but they might end up doing so in the middle of nowhere or just somewhere that does not have a power supply. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to purchase a good power bank portable charger.

power bank

What is a Power Bank?

The Power Bank is a lightweight power source that you can use as an additional battery when your devices run out of power. The idea is that you just have to charge it near a computer or power outlet and carry it around in order to use it whenever you might need it. The great thing is that you get to access all the content you have without the need to worry about your phone or other rechargeable device running out of power. Thankfully there are many Power Bank option available, so you can find the right one based on your needs.

What can you use a power bank for?

Most of the time the Power Bank is suitable for all kinds of devices. It can work great for powering up your phone or tablet. It can also be used for powering up other larger devices such as a laptop. That being said, for a laptop you need a much better and bigger power bank when compared to the one you have for a computer.

What Power Bank capacity should you focus on?

There are multiple power bank capacities and each one has different uses. For example, the smaller power banks have 1500 mAh and those are basically offering just about 40-50% of the battery load for your small device. Those are very light, easy to carry around and you can use them when you want to make that extra call or access a few files on your phone that just died because it doesn’t have any juice.

Some of the most popular Power Banks have 5000 mAh, which is more than what a regular phone battery would be like. You also have units with 10000 mAh, 20000 mAh and even more. The thing to note with Power Banks is that the more mAh you have, the more power the unit can store. That’s why it makes sense to purchase the highest capacity that you can afford.

But there is a downside. The higher capacity also comes with increased weight. The upper spectrum of these capacities will be very heavy. So if you want more portable Power Banks, you have to stay somewhere around 4000-10000 mAh or so. Once you get past that number the power banks are very heavy.

portable phone charger

Think about quality

Ideally you want to acquire Power Banks from a brand that you can trust. The thing to note here is that cheap power banks can overload and damage your electronic devices. You need a secure power bank, one that loads really well and which can be adapted and adjusted to suit your needs in a masterful manner. Ideally they need to meet the national or international safety demands. After all, you are dealing with a source of energy, and the last thing you want is for that energy source to not work the way you want.

Can you use the Power Bank for more than one device?

Most of the smaller Power Banks can’t be used for multiple devices at the same time. But the larger units do have great connectivity and they support 2 devices, which is very important to keep in mind. Ideally you want to have as many connections as you can, because the more you have, the more stuff you will be able to charge. However only the Power Banks with higher capacity tend to have more than one device slot for you to use.

And in those situations, you might even be able to charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone and so on. You might even be able to charge your portable LED light, action camera or any other device that has a USB or USB-C input.

Are there power banks charged by solar panels?

Yes, and these are great if you go hiking for example. This makes it easy for you to charge your power bank and even your devices as you go along. The benefit is that you can charge the power bank at your own pace and you don’t have to leave it in your home to charge for a few hours beforehand.

Solar power bank, power bank, portable charger,

Are LED indicators needed?

Yes, because this is the only way to figure out whether your unit is charged or not. Ideally a good power bank charges quickly, but the true focus here is on value and quality more than anything else. Having that information will let you know the amount of power you have and whether it will work for you or not.

What type of Power Bank is the best?

Since safety is of major concern when it comes to mobile devices, the last thing you want is to see a power bank explode due to overcharging. The Power Banks with a high grade lithium-polymer battery tend to be the safest. They have stable elements and they also come with safety assurances as well. Even if such a power bank might costs a little more, it’s a worth while investment because of the added safety benefits alone.


Thinking of Buying a Power Bank? Well Have a Look at These Hand Picked Power Banks.

Anker PowerCore

Anker Portable charger

The Anker PowerCore has a massive 20100 mAh battery capable of charging a I[hone 7 over 6 times and a galaxy S8 almost 5 times, You could last almost a full week with a fully charged phone just using this alone!!

This PowerCore is a similar size to a cell phone but has slightly more weight at 12.5 oz, it can easily fit in a pocket, handbag or back bag making it ideal for the commute, a music festival weekend or camping/hiking.

The charge time is between 10 and 20 hours depending on the charger used to charge it (2 amp = 10 hours, 1 amp = 20 hours). When the power bank is charging a phone for example it does support fast charging on most devices and will stop charging when the item is fully charged.

This power bank is safety certified and comes with a travel pouch, Micro USB cable, instructions and a 18 month warranty. There are 1000’s of fantastic reviews for this product and 1,000,000’s of happy customers. this product is available now on Amazon for $49.99



Rlerion 25000 mAh Power Bank


Power bank portable charger


The RLERION 25000 mAh portable power bank is a real feature packed product, with a digital battery display, wireless charging pad, multiple USB ports and built in LED lights.

The power bank can charge a Galaxy S9 4 -6 times and a Iphone XS 5-7 times so once again you can easily keep your cell phone charged for a week if your careful.

Due to the fact the power bank is a slightly more tech power bank then the Anker I would recommend this more for commuting and comfortable travel over hiking and camping for example.

The power bank comes with a USB charging cable, users guide and a 2 year warranty, this portable power bank has many great reviews and can be purchased for $39.99 on Amazon.


myCharge AdventureMega Portable Charger 

myCharge power bank, myCharge portable power bank, portable cell phone charger,



The myCharge adventuremega is a power bank design for tough conditions, its the most dust and water resistant of all the power banks here and designed to withstand more then you can throw at it, with camping, hiking and mountaineering in the forefront of the designers minds you know you can rely on this handy portable charger.

The 20,100 mAh battery is a similar size to other power banks on test and although it is not stated I would expect a similar charging capacity so around 5 times Iphone full charge and the same for a Galaxy S9 for example.

The power bank is just over 6″ long, 3″ wide and 1″ deep so can still be easily transported, it also has a handy clip attached for hanging of a bag or tent.

The power bank comes with a USB charging cable for charging the unit and instructions. This product has any great reviews and can by purchased on Amazon for $79.99.



As you can see, purchasing a good Power Bank is a very good idea and it does have the potential to pay for its self. Make sure that you use our tips to find a reliable, safe Power Bank to suit your needs and expectations. Ideally you want to have the highest capacity you can while also receiving safety features and any other extras that might be there. The more safety you have for this kind of device, the easier it will be. So try to keep that in mind and it will definitely help in your decision.

Remember power banks can also be used to charge other USB powered items like flashlights, portable speakers and tablets.

If you have any comment or your own input on these products please leave a comment below, Thanks


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LED Work Lights – Powerful, Portable and Practical

While looking around to buy a LED work light, I was amazed to see the variety available. Some have magnetic bases, others can be worn on the head, hung from a hook or rafter and yet some have stands or tripods.

Portable LED work lights provide technicians and campers independence from a source of electricity. These are powerful enough to offer sufficient lighting for the completion of any successful project including home renovation, construction, car repair, and maintenance.


Small Work Light

What Features To Look Out For In A Good Battery Operated LED Work Light?

1. Power source

Typically, the batteries of portable LED work lights are rechargeable from an electric power source.

⦁ Cordless or battery operated work lights allow for ease of movement around small spaces without having to worry about tripping over cables or the need for a power source.

⦁ They are very practical for those who don’t work from a fixed work space.

⦁ The best results in battery life are from work lights with Lithium-ion batteries. These weigh less, last longer and are more stable.


2. Light Source

Lumen output or brightness is the most basic consideration to take into account when choosing a portable LED work light.

⦁ LED light bulbs have surpassed all others in cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency, lasting five times longer than CFLs (compact fluorescent lights).

⦁ CFL bulbs are bright, but their lighting gives off a green tinge, not always desired in work spaces, especially where color inspections are carried out.

⦁ Work lights that have the older incandescent bulbs are much cheaper, but are corded and not easy to move around.

⦁ Portable work lights with halogen bulbs emit a bright light but get very heated becoming hazardous for fire breakouts in some types of situations.

Traditional Work Lamp


3. Design

Portable LED work lights are available in a wide array of designs allowing you to choose the best for your line of work or hobby. Choose from:

⦁ Tripod – Adjustable height and pivoting head allowing for the illumination of a broader area or to direct the light source where needed.

⦁ Standing – These are not as tall as the tripod and are lightweight and easy to carry around. In some of them, the light source can be rotated.

⦁ Hanging – these are typically smaller but can illuminate large areas when placed hung.

⦁ Magnetic based – With their sleek design, these work lights can be attached to metal objects, concentrating the light towards the area needed but leaving both hands free to work. Some models also have a rear clip for attaching to pants or belts. These are typically sought after by motor mechanics.

⦁ Lightweight materials – Portable LED work light exteriors are manufactured from a variety of materials, mostly lightweight. Some have soft rubber cases to absorb impact and help prevent damage, while others are made from durable aluminium.

⦁ Waterproof – If you work in damp areas or love the outdoors comes rain or shine, then you will be glad to know that many of the portable LED work lights currently available on the market are waterproof.


Tri-Pod Work Light

Some Work Lights To Consider


Hallomall 15W Work Lights with USB Charging Ports

Hallomall Work Light


The Hallomall 15w portable LED work light is a small light offering some great features like the option to use the light as a phone charger, many lighting modes including low, bright, red ,blue, SOS and flash.

It’s proven battery life of up to 12 hours on the low setting is great and this makes it great for a trades man, mechanic, fisherman or camping. The light comes with a mains and USB charger and thanks to it’s waterproof rating of IPX5 can be used in light rain and damp conditions

The Light has over an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 1200 owners.

It’s available now on amazon for $27.99


AmeriLuck Handheld LED Work Light

The AmeriLuck handheld LED work light is mainly designed for working on cars and trucks but it also has a lot of other uses, this is due to its magnetic points, two hooks and its fantastic brightness.

This small work light has a battery run time of between 4 and 8 hours depending on what brightness setting you are using and comes with a wall charger and a car charger which I feel makes it great for camping as well as a work light. The light has many great reviews complementing it on it’s fantastic brightness and can be used in damp condition although a water resistance rating is not mentioned.

The handheld light benefits from 1000 lumens of brightness and comes with a 2 year manufacture warranty.

The LED work light can be purchased on Amazon for $39.99


10W Rechargeable Work Light with Solar Panel

Solar LED Work Light

This solar LED work light is a bit different from it’s competition as it features a solid cast steel body and of course the ability to recharge it’s self using solar. It truly is a super versatility light making it suitable for a work light, camping, fishing and emergency use.

The light like the first light I choose has the added benefit of having a USB charge port that allows the user to charge a mobile phone for example. The light is small in size and can easily fit in a back pack or tool bag,

With three light modes to choose from full, medium and dull and a run time of 4.5 hours on full power it really is a handy light for many situations.

The portable light has many great customer reviews and can by brought on Amazon for $39.99


Final Word

Designed to allow you to work or play under any circumstances and conditions, remember that the lighting from LEDs is very bright and can cause eye damage if shined directly onto the eyes. By keeping the light source behind you, and not to the front or side, you will achieve the best illumination, while protecting your vision.

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Anker Bolder LC90 Review – Rechargeable Flashlight Review

The Anker Bolder LC 90 Rechargeable Flashlight Review

The Anker Bolder LC 90 is one of the toughest, brightest and most reliable flashlights to have ever accompanied me on my outdoor adventures or when I have needed an extra light around my home. Whether I am camping, exploring, exercising or walking the dogs, I don’t only have a dependable flashlight, with adjustable light settings, but can also fend off anyone who surprises me with its extra-long handle and scalloped bezel. It can be as discreet or as showy as I want, since it looks good, but can also fit into my jacket pocket. Even though, due to its steel casing, it is a bit heavier than I prefer.

Anker Bolder LC90 review, Anker LC90,

Personally, I vote the Anker LC 90 as the best rechargeable flashlight that I have bought in recent years, and I find that it makes a perfect gift idea too.

Anker LC 90 Features At A Glance:





LIGHTING MODES: 5 modes (High/Medium/Low/Strobe/SOS)

Features That Make The Anker Bolder LC 90 The Best Rechargeable Flashlight:

⦁ Every time you turn on your Anker flashlight, you will get consistent lighting because of its dedicated integrated-circuit and its intelligent illumination driver.

⦁ It’s rechargeable, high-performance 3350mAh battery is long-lasting and you can get up to 6 hours of powerful, non-diminishing brightness on a medium beam mode.

⦁ A full charge of the battery takes 4 hours with a micro USB cable (included) and 6 hours with a 1A adapter.

⦁ The battery of the Anker flashlight charges safely and is protected from the usual wear and tear from recharges. This is ensured by the inclusion of a micro-chip, preventing any over-heating and ensures that the battery never overcharges.

⦁ The battery indicator light is under the tail cap. When the flashlight is fully charged, it will turn from red to green.

⦁ At 600 ft/200m, the 900-lumen (max) Cree LED, sweeps a very bright light and the light from the flashlight can reach up to 1000 ft.

⦁ The lifespan of the LEDs is an incredible 50,000 hours so you won’t be getting a new flashlight anytime soon!

⦁ Luckily it won’t be looking tatty during that time, because of its durable, extra-hard, anodized- aluminium body, making it shock, scratch and chip resistant.

⦁ The body of the LC90 has an enhanced grip and compact design, making it easy to keep in a jacket or pant pocket or in a bag.

⦁ The LC90 won’t let you down, even under the most extreme weather conditions. It can tolerate freezing temperatures of down to 14°F/-10°C and it has an IPX5 rating that makes it water-resistant in heavy rain.

Anker Bolder LC90 Water Resistant

⦁ In the event of you needing an emergency lamp, the Anker flashlight can be placed upright on a surface near you.

⦁ The carry-strap comes in handy for carrying and can also be useful in a situation where self defense requires that you swing the flashlight at somebody.

⦁ With a beam that can be zoomed from narrow to wide, you will be able to concentrate the light exactly where it is needed.

⦁ The Anker Flashlight has 5 settings to choose from: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS.

⦁ The best rechargeable flashlight comes with an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

The Flashlight Comes With:

1. 3350mAh rechargeable battery

2. Micro USB cable

3. Wrist Strap

4. User and welcome guide

5. Its friendly customer service and 18-month warranty


Anker LC90

⦁ Due to its intense light, the flashlight should never be directly pointed towards anyone’s eyes.

⦁ Flashlights, especially when in strobe mode, can induce seizures in those prone to photosensitive epilepsy.

⦁ Input, when charged should not exceed 7V.

Pros noted by other users of the Anker Flashlight

⦁ Well priced and well built

⦁ Made up of high-grade components

⦁ Strong because of the metal casing

⦁ Very bright, even in the darkest situations

⦁ Brighter than other lithium flashlights

⦁ Zoom function is smooth and an added bonus

⦁ Battery stays charged for longer between charges when compared to other flashlights

⦁ Switching on and off and between functions can be done with one hand

⦁ Fits comfortably in the pockets of pants and jackets

⦁ Straightforward instructions

⦁ Excellent customer service

⦁ The LC90 flashlight makes a fantastic gift

Cons Noted By Other Users Of The Anker Flashlight

⦁ Slightly inconvenient charging port, requiring the removal of the end cap to charge.

⦁ The flashlight heats up after 10 minutes and appears to have a lower output after that.

⦁ In the wide setting, the light coverage is not as good and it leaves a dark spot in the center.

⦁ Wrist strap is not strong as it could be and can break if abused.

⦁ Due to it’s metal exterior the grip is not as good as a rubber covered flashlight.

⦁ Some user’s have stated that the charge light is not accurate “green light is on but the battery is not charged”.

Anker Bolder LC90 Charge Port


According to the manufacturers, over 20 Million users have bought the Anker Flashlight and my experience with the Anker flashlight reiterates the positive feedback that it got from over 99% of those who purchased it. For me, this is the best rechargeable flashlight available, since it is super-bright, zoomable and reliable.

If you would like to add a comment or review please do in the comments section below.



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Camping Lantern Reviews – (LED Lights and Lanterns for Camping)

The need for a camping lantern has always been with us for 100’s if not 1000s of years but now with more products on offer then even before you need a good camping lantern review,  there is also more things to consider, when looking to buy a new camping lantern it is important to be aware of what to look out for in order to avoid a bad purchase or something that’s not suitable for your needs at all. So, when you next intend on buying a camping light, look out for the following;


Camping Lantern review


1) The Weight

A good camping light need to be as light as possible. This is because camping lights are more often than not carried from one place to another when in use. If a camping light is weighty, it becomes strenuous moving it from one place to another when in use, and as such, exerts effort. And no one wants to be stressed out by a “camping light,” and with time, the lamp is abandoned thereby defeating the purpose of its purchase. Therefore, a lighter light would be more effective in serving its purpose over a heavy light.

2) The Size or portability

Camp light needs to be portable. The size of a battery powered led light to a large extent, determines its portability. A lamp with an outrageous size would turn out to be more of a liability than an asset. This is because of the impending difficulty in carrying it from one place to another. An extremely large camp light cannot be easily carried because of its size. Thereby defeating its portability which makes it less effective and more of a burden.

3) Battery Life

This is one of the most important factors to consider when looking to buy a new camping light. A lights battery life depends largely on the size of its battery but the speed in which a battery charge is depleted can depend heavy on the output of the light so if the light has only one setting and its a high light setting your going to deplete the battery effectively if you can use the light on a lower setting. So make sure your chosen light has a good battery and has different light output settings so you can use its battery efficiently.

Camping lantern


4) Quality of material used in the production

Checking out for good, solid and long-lasting material use in the production of camp lights is very essential. This is because there is a very high possibility that you’re camping light may fall or slip out of your while in use. A camping light made out of low-quality material is likely to shatter into pieces once it falls and hits the ground with a high chance of the light being unusable after this. Whereas a good quality camping light would survive several falls. However, it is important to handle you’re camping light with care.

5) Brightness

A good camping light must be radiant. A camping light that has a low light output should not be consider in most cases. This is because one of the major purposes of purchasing a camping light is to keep your camp site illuminated, help you navigate a dark route and aid easy vision if you intend to read a book, cook, get dressed and so on at night before sleeping. If a camping light is not radiant enough to help you accomplish all of these, then it should not be considered.


Some Camping Lights you Might Consider

Etekcity 4 pack led portable camping lantern.


Etekcity Lantern 4 Pack

This camping light is a survival kit for an emergency, hurricane, power outage and so on. Its light in weight, very portable, long-lasting, extra radiant. It can be used in camping, hiking, even fishing and so on.

Just one of this lantern can eliminate the darkness for a very long time. The Etekcity ultra bright lantern is also a military grade lantern powered with about 30 led bulbs and the quality material used In its production ensures long life span ensuring you enjoy the full value of your money used in the purchase.

The light offer 360 degree lighting and has a battery life of 12 hours, the light also features a magnetic base that can come in handy.

With a 1000 customer reviews and a average of 4.5/5 stars and only $31.99 for 4 it’s great value.


SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern Lights 

SUAOKI Camping Lantern


This camping lantern allows for a dual charging system. That is the solar charging and USB charging allowing you to choose which to charge with. It comes in different colors allowing you to make your choice of preferred color.

The solar charging provision is an added plus as it allows the use of environmental energy while in camp. As regards brightness, the lamp provides for three categories which all depends on your preferred choice. They are; the SOS blinking brightness, the high and the low. These categories allow you to alternate to your preferred choice.

The lantern is shaped in two different forms. The first, when it is expanded, it could serve as the regular lantern to brighten up your tent. The second, when compressed into a puck-like shape, it could be used as a mere flashlight to radiate your pathway in the dark.

It could be giving out as a gift as well because it is beautiful. It is fold-able, it is portable and most of all, it is durable.

The one thing that could be improved is battery size as a 800mAh battery can not hold much charge but adding a larger battery would also add weight.

With 4/5 star reviews from over 1000 people your going to love it to, it is available for $16.99 on Amazon.



Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Rugged Hand Lantern

Streamlight Compact Lantern

The Streamlight hand lantern is a super rugged, well designed camping lantern that offers the user loads of cleaver features, It has multiple lighting option including a red light. The light has a lumen rating of 54o which is pretty high for a lantern, the light runs on 3 x D size batteries and has a run time on high of 30 hour’s.

The Streamlight has a drop resistance rating of 2 meter’s and with almost 2500 rating on amazon at a average of 5/5 stars it’s a handy trusted camping lantern suitable for many situations including as mentioned camping, emergency’s, caving and power outage’s.

The light is available on Amazon for $35.99



LED 2 in 1 Flashlight With COB Lantern 


LED 2 in 1 Flashlight Lantern


This flashlight is portable, zoom able, water resistant and has a handy lantern feature allowing you to use this to light a tent. The light also features a magnetic base that’s great if you intend to use this when working on a car for example.

The flashlight is lite weight at 142g and a great choice if your hiking and have limited space and don’t want the added bulk and weight of a larger style camping lantern.

It’s 5 lighting modes and ability to use 3 x AAA batteries or a single 16850 Li-ion rechargeable Battery is also great, the flashlight is available for $14.99 on Amazon and has many great customer reviews.



Internova 1000 LED Camping Lantern

Internova 1000 LED Camping Lantern


My final offering is the Internova 1000 lumen LED camping lantern, with up to 1000 lumen of light, you’re going to be lighting up a large area with this lantern. The light features dimmable lighting options, red light mode and SOS modes, it’s power source is 4 x D size batteries and although it run time is not mentioned review’s say the battery life is fantastic and can run for nights on end.

The lantern comes with a no questions asked 5 year warranty and with loads of great buyer reviews and an average of 4.5/5 stars, the light is a tried and tested product.

The Internova 100 can be purchased for $39.95




Well now you know what to look out for when looking for a new camping light, I’m sure you will make the right choice and choose a light suitable for your camping needs. If you have any question or would like to recommend a light or have your own review please leave a comment below.

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Best Flashlight Beanie – Winter Hands Free Lighting – Top 5

If you work or live in a cold environment, there is no better protection from the cold than protecting your head, a comfy and stylish flashlight beanie is a great choice. You get the benefit of having your head protected and the use of a built-in light if needed and even if your just out for a run or walk it has the bonus of being a safety feature keeping you safe from traffic.

I am a big fan of hands free lighting; like head torches, but find they don’t fit well over a hat, so a flashlight beanie is a handy option if you’re working on a car at night, playing sports, hunting, fishing or even walking your dog.

Have a look at my favorite head torches click here

So below I have put together a list of the best flashlight beanies and listed there individual benefits in handy lists so you can see for yourself what would be best for you.

So what is the best flashlight beanie for you??

EZGO Reversible LED Knitted Beanie Hat


EZGO flashlight beanie

  • Material – Cotton blend
  • Brightness – 120 lumens
  • Battery life – 4 hours at 120 lumens
  • Power sources – USB rechargeable built in battery
  • Buyer rating – 4 stars (from 60+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $7.99

With 8 LEDs you can use the light as a flashlight or a multi-color unit to make others aware of your presence, it’s a two-tone color beanie which will fit most and is suitable for both males and females, the light unit can simple be removed from the hat and plugged in to a USB charging port to recharge or for washing.


OUMEIOU 4 LED Headlamp Beanie Cap

best flashlight beanie


  • Material – Not stated (looks like a cotton blend)
  • Brightness – Lumens not stated but visible from 30 feet away
  • Battery life – Up to 4 hours of constant use
  • Power sources – Built in Li-ion USB rechargeable battery
  • Buyer rating – 4.5 stars (from 11 buyers)
  • Best Price – $9.99


This beanie has 4 built in LED lights and also features a USB rechargeable lighting unit which can be removed, the light has three lighting options and will be able to fit most heads.


SnowCinda Unisex 5 LED Knitted Flashlight Beanie

flashlight beanie review



  • Material – not stated
  • Brightness – Lumens not stated but visible from 30 feet away
  • Battery life – States 24 hours but not sure in what mode
  • Power sources – Built in USB rechargeable batteries (add states battery required but it is included)
  • Buyer rating – 4/5 (from 190+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $12.99

The Snowcinda 5 LED flashlight beanie is available in a few different color options and comes with a USB rechargeable lighting unit which like the beanies above can be removed for charging and washing. The beanie is similar to a few of the other’s on review but benefits from some great color options.


TAGVO USB Rechargeable LED Beanie Cap


flashlight beanie

  • Material – not stated
  • Brightness – not stated
  • Battery life – 4 hours
  • Power sources – Built in USB rechargeable battery
  • Buyer rating – 4.5/5 )(from 50+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $13.99

This offering from Tagvo also features a built in rechargeable USB lighting unit, it has the option of a white, blue or blue light and can be used in a constant on mode or a flashing mode.

The beanie is a one size fits most and is also unisex.



POWERCAP Flashlight beanie, flashlight beanie review,


  • Material – Fleece lined
  • Brightness – 48 lumens
  • Battery life – Up to 68 hours
  • Power sources – 4 x CR 2032 button battieries
  • Buyer rating – 4.5/5 (500+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $19.99


The powercap beanie is a very popular choice and comes with a high star rating from 100’s of buyers, it features 4 LED lights and has the highest stated brightness on test with 48 lumens. This product uses a different power source than the other beanies, (using 4 x CR 2032 batteries) which are included. This power option gives the user a longer run time than the other beanies and can be easily changed over to a new set of batteries.

This is the most expensive flashlight beanie on test but also has the most reviews so you know your be getting a great product that has more than satisfied it’s owners.



A flashlight beanie can be a handy thing on a long cold night, keeping you warm and lighting your way or keeping you visible to others, there are many great choices nowadays with lighting units getting smaller and brighter, why not keep your head warm and your path clear with a trendy flashlight beanie.

If you have any comments or would like to add your own review please leave a comment below.

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Keychain Flashlight Review – Don’t Leave Home Without One

Have you ever been searching for something in the dark and wished you had a handy flashlight nearby to help your?

mini flashlight

Well with modern developments in batteries and LED bulbs. You can have the convenience of a bright flashlight that’s small enough to fit on your key chain with your keys, there are some great options available nowadays.

So let’s have a look at some of my favorite keychain flashlight products, I have started with the lowest price and listed each lights key features for easy comparison.

Here are my keychain flashlight review for 2020.

The OLIGHT i3E Keychain Light

Olight I3E

  • With 90 lumens of light and a beam distance of up to 44 meters
  • IPX8 water resistance (can withstand water immersion in 1 meter of water)
  • 1.5 meter impact resistance
  • 44 minutes of light on a single AAA battery
  • Size – 2.38 x 0.55″ (60.5mm x 14mm)
  • Weight – 0.26oz (7.9g)
  • Power source – single AAA battery
  • 5 year warranty
  • Best price $9.95
  • Star Rating 7/10

This is a great entry level key chain light and coming from a very well respected flashlight manufacture you known you’re getting a quality product, this product is not the brightest on test but with a IPX8 water resistance and an impact resistance of 1.5 meters, it’s a great buy for the price.


Mini Keychain Flashlight With Micro USB Rechargeable


mini flashlight usb

  • With up to 200 lumens of light
  • IPX7 water resistance (can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water up to 30 minutes)
  • shockproof (no stated rating)
  • 2.5 hours of run time at 200 lumens
  • Size – 1.65 x 0.5″ (42mm x 12.7mm)
  • Weight – 0.42oz (12g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion battery
  • Best price $15.99
  • Star Rating 8/10

With this pocket flashlight you’re getting a handy 200 lumens of light, an excellent battery run time, shock and water resistance and is the first to offer USB rechargeable Li-ion battery technology.



EverBrite LED Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight

Everbrite keychain light


  • With up to 160 lumens of light
  • IPX4 water resistant (splashing water resistant)
  • 1 meter shockproof
  • 2 hours run time at 160 lumens
  • Size – 2.5 x 0.81″ (62mm x 20mm)
  • Weight – not stated
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion battery
  • Best price $18.49
  • Star rating 8/10

The EverBrite flashlight with is similar to the above pocket flashlight in many ways, the only noticeable difference I would mention is the use of a CREE LED light unit, CREE as known for their outstanding build quality and long life cycle.



Aurora A3 LED Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight


keychain flashlight, keychain flashlight review,

  • With an incredible 550 lumens of light
  • IP65 water resistant (Splashing water resistant)
  • 1.5 meter impact resistant
  • Run time – not stated
  • Size – 2.12 x 0.57″ (54mm x 14mm)
  • Weight – 0.5oz (14g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion Battery
  • Best price $29.95
  • Star rating 9/10

Now we are stepping it up a notch with this offering from Aurora, this flashlight offer a test leading 550 lumens! the flashlight is using a rechargeable Li-ion battery but there is no statement of run time for the light which as well as the water resistance not being as high as other flashlights has stopped me giving the light a 10/10.



Nitecore TIP 360 Lumen USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight


nitecore tip, keychain flashlight, best keychain flashlight, best keychain flashlight review,

  • With 360 lumens of light
  • IP54 water resistant (Splashing water resistant)
  • 1.5 meter impact resistant
  • Run time – 30 minutes at 360 lumens
  • Size – 2.39 x 0.96 x 0.54″ (60.8mm x 24.5mm x 13.8mm)
  • Weight – 0.83oz (23.5g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion Battery
  • Best price $29.95
  • Star rating 9/10

The Nitecore TIP is a fantastic pocket flashlight with 360 lumens and some great design features like the clip that acts as a button protector to stop accidental operation or used to attach to a cap for example. This is a great choice and well trusted by many owners.



SureFire Sidekick USB Keychain Flashlight


surefire sidekick

  • With 300 lumens of light
  • Water resistant – not stated
  • Impact resistant – not stated
  • Run time – 1.25 hours at 300 lumens
  • Size – 2.5 x 1″ (63.5mm x 25.4mm)
  • Weight – 2oz (56g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion Battery
  • Best price $63.90
  • Star rating 9/10

This offering from SureFire has to be up there with the best of them with a high lumen output and a solid run time, it’s a tiny light packing some major power. I just wish Surefire would publish water resistance and impact resistance ratings.




Well hopefully my handy guild can help you make an informed decision about what would be the best key chain flashlight for you, so just remember to consider things light brightness, battery life, resistance ratings, size and weight before you order your next or first key chain flashlight.

If you have any questions on would like to add something please leave a comment below.

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