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If you work or live in a cold environment, there is no better protection from the cold than protecting your head, a comfy and stylish flashlight beanie is a great choice. You get the benefit of having your head protected and the use of a built-in light if needed and even if your just out for a run or walk it has the bonus of being a safety feature keeping you safe from traffic.

I am a big fan of hands free lighting; like head torches, but find they don’t fit well over a hat, so a flashlight beanie is a handy option if you’re working on a car at night, playing sports, hunting, fishing or even walking your dog.

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So below I have put together a list of the best flashlight beanies and listed there individual benefits in handy lists so you can see for yourself what would be best for you.

So what is the best flashlight beanie for you??

EZGO Reversible LED Knitted Beanie Hat


EZGO flashlight beanie

  • Material – Cotton blend
  • Brightness – 120 lumens
  • Battery life – 4 hours at 120 lumens
  • Power sources – USB rechargeable built in battery
  • Buyer rating – 4 stars (from 60+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $7.99

With 8 LEDs you can use the light as a flashlight or a multi-color unit to make others aware of your presence, it’s a two-tone color beanie which will fit most and is suitable for both males and females, the light unit can simple be removed from the hat and plugged in to a USB charging port to recharge or for washing.


OUMEIOU 4 LED Headlamp Beanie Cap

best flashlight beanie


  • Material – Not stated (looks like a cotton blend)
  • Brightness – Lumens not stated but visible from 30 feet away
  • Battery life – Up to 4 hours of constant use
  • Power sources – Built in Li-ion USB rechargeable battery
  • Buyer rating – 4.5 stars (from 11 buyers)
  • Best Price – $9.99


This beanie has 4 built in LED lights and also features a USB rechargeable lighting unit which can be removed, the light has three lighting options and will be able to fit most heads.


SnowCinda Unisex 5 LED Knitted Flashlight Beanie

flashlight beanie review



  • Material – not stated
  • Brightness – Lumens not stated but visible from 30 feet away
  • Battery life – States 24 hours but not sure in what mode
  • Power sources – Built in USB rechargeable batteries (add states battery required but it is included)
  • Buyer rating – 4/5 (from 190+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $12.99

The Snowcinda 5 LED flashlight beanie is available in a few different color options and comes with a USB rechargeable lighting unit which like the beanies above can be removed for charging and washing. The beanie is similar to a few of the other’s on review but benefits from some great color options.


TAGVO USB Rechargeable LED Beanie Cap


flashlight beanie

  • Material – not stated
  • Brightness – not stated
  • Battery life – 4 hours
  • Power sources – Built in USB rechargeable battery
  • Buyer rating – 4.5/5 )(from 50+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $13.99

This offering from Tagvo also features a built in rechargeable USB lighting unit, it has the option of a white, blue or blue light and can be used in a constant on mode or a flashing mode.

The beanie is a one size fits most and is also unisex.



POWERCAP Flashlight beanie, flashlight beanie review,


  • Material – Fleece lined
  • Brightness – 48 lumens
  • Battery life – Up to 68 hours
  • Power sources – 4 x CR 2032 button battieries
  • Buyer rating – 4.5/5 (500+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $19.99


The powercap beanie is a very popular choice and comes with a high star rating from 100’s of buyers, it features 4 LED lights and has the highest stated brightness on test with 48 lumens. This product uses a different power source than the other beanies, (using 4 x CR 2032 batteries) which are included. This power option gives the user a longer run time than the other beanies and can be easily changed over to a new set of batteries.

This is the most expensive flashlight beanie on test but also has the most reviews so you know your be getting a great product that has more than satisfied it’s owners.



A flashlight beanie can be a handy thing on a long cold night, keeping you warm and lighting your way or keeping you visible to others, there are many great choices nowadays with lighting units getting smaller and brighter, why not keep your head warm and your path clear with a trendy flashlight beanie.

If you have any comments or would like to add your own review please leave a comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Best Flashlight Beanie – Winter Hands Free Lighting – Top 5”

  1. Wow! I never knew these beanies existed until my niece requested one. Thank you so much for your review on the different types. The prices are also fair so she may get lucky and get more than one, ha!

  2. I like the Powercap. It’ll be especially useful to have in the vehicle and at home in case there’s a powercut or breakdown on transit. The beam looks really powerful like a headlamp.

  3. This was really cool! I use a headlamp often while riding my bike. These seem handy for colder weather and are practical. I find carrying extra things like a hand held flashlight annoying and this would be a great addition for anyone’s nighttime bike safety.

  4. Thanks for compiling this list. Flashlight beanies are the perfect combination for a hands-free night. The rechargeable one looks like it would be a great option for convenience: it’s so easy to pop in a usb to recharge a beanie. Do you know if that hat comes in colors other than black?

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