Flashlight Tasers – Portable Personal Protection

Flashlight Taser

A short history

Ciril Diaz of Cuba was the first person who thought up the idea to design something that could deliver an electric shock, a glove, in 1935.

The first Taser began being developed by a NASA researcher, Jack Cover, in 1969 and by 1974 he had completed the device. He named it after his childhood hero Tom Swift and it was called Thomas A. Swift’s electric rifle. Since it used gunpowder as its propellant, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Forearms in the U.S. classified it as a firearm. The patent was adapted in 1983 by Nova Technologies, when they released their first non-projectile hand-held stun gun. This design has since been widely copied and has been combined in various ideas which include compact stun guns, electric shock prods, stun belts, shields and the new flashlight tasers.

The difference between a taser and a stun gun is identified in how the weapons make contact with the attacker. The stun gun does not shoot a projectile, whereas the taser shoots out tiny darts connected to the device. The taser user doesn’t need to come into contact with the attacker.


flashlight taser light

Operation principles of Tasers

The principle behind their operation is that a temporary high-voltage, low and non-lethal current, discharge overrides the body’s muscle triggering mechanisms; very much like cattle prods do. The resulting shock causes the muscles to twitch uncontrollably. Two metal probes, connected via wires to the device, immobilize the recipient, who will feel pain and may be momentarily paralyzed while the electric current is applied. When a taser is not in the drive stun mode it will not induce painful shock but will immobilize the attacker.

Tasers can reach up to 15 feet from the person using it and the victim will be incapacitated for up to 30 seconds. The taser user has to have the skill to hit the targeted attacker otherwise there is the possibility of missing him.

Advantages of carrying Flashlight Tasers

Guns are not always practical to carry around, while in some states and countries they are illegal. The flashlight taser is a high quality product that offers defense in any situation by stunning an assailant. Besides its ability to offer self-defense its flashlight is practical.

The flashlight with taser can conveniently be carried around by men and women as they go about their daily tasks and can easily be accessed at any moment. They are usually sold with a holster or wrist strap, but also fit perfectly in the hand or a small handbag. Anyone who has to walk about at night understands the need for a flashlight with taser since it combines self defense with a flashlight, doing two jobs in one.

Some models offer various settings modes which range from low to SOS and they all come with chargers, so no batteries are required. A safety switch makes them safe to carry.

All new models have effective flashlight technology, offering increased brightness through high lumen LED lights and strobe settings. This often scares attackers away before the defender even has to use the actual flashlight taser. Newer models also have high voltage coils for increased stun power.

High quality components guarantee that the flashlight taser will be with around for many years with a strong body to protect the light and rubberized handles for a better grip.

Flashlight Tasers are often used by policemen and have become popular with night watchmen. One of the safest methods of defense, which also offers extra lighting for convenience in darker areas, is the flashlight taser.


Police Flashlight Taser

Safety Concerns

Controversy is something that always arises where weapons are concerned. One of the concerns is about health issues and the use of the weapons. Tests conducted by the Cleveland Clinic found that tasers did not interfere with pacemakers and other implantable medical devices. There have also been no lasting effects of taser use on healthy subjects as observed by doctors at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center. Repeated stunning has proven to be lethal in some cases and is not recommended as it is excessive and unnecessary.

Even though most states allow the possession of tasers, others have limitations. Some allow possession but they cannot be carried or kept in a car. Some states require a permit. It is best for someone interested in buying to first check up on the requirements of the state before committing to owning a flashlight taser.

Consumers should note that they will have to read the instructions manual carefully and take special note of the safety instructions of the product and that it should always be used as recommended.

Flashlight Beanie – Winter Hands Free Lighting – Top 5

girl in winter beanie

If you work or live in a cold environment, there is no better protection from the cold than protecting your head, a comfy and stylish flashlight beanie is a great choice. You get the benefit of having your head protected and the use of a built-in light if needed and even if your just out for a run or walk it has the bonus of being a safety feature keeping you safe from traffic.

I am a big fan of hands free lighting; like head torches, but find they don’t fit well over a hat, so a flashlight beanie is a handy option if you’re working on a car at night, playing sports, hunting, fishing or even walking your dog.

Have a look at my favorite head torches click here

So below I have put together a list of my favorite flashlight beanies and listed there individual benefits in handy lists so you can see for yourself what would be best for you.

EZGO Reversible LED Knitted Beanie Hat


EZGO flashlight beanie

  • Material – Cotton blend
  • Brightness – 120 lumens
  • Battery life – 4 hours at 120 lumens
  • Power sources – USB rechargeable built in battery
  • Buyer rating – 4 stars (from 60+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $7.99

With 8 LEDs you can use the light as a flashlight or a multi-color unit to make others aware of your presence, it’s a two-tone color beanie which will fit most and is suitable for both males and females, the light unit can simple be removed from the hat and plugged in to a USB charging port to recharge or for washing.


OUMEIOU 4 LED Headlamp Beanie Cap

OUMEIOU flashlight beanie


  • Material – Not stated (looks like a cotton blend)
  • Brightness – Lumens not stated but visible from 30 feet away
  • Battery life – Up to 4 hours of constant use
  • Power sources – Built in Li-ion USB rechargeable battery
  • Buyer rating – 4.5 stars (from 11 buyers)
  • Best Price – $9.99


This beanie has 4 built in LED lights and also features a USB rechargeable lighting unit which can be removed, the light has three lighting options and will be able to fit most heads.


SnowCinda Unisex 5 LED Knitted Flashlight Beanie

snoecinda flashlight beanie



  • Material – not stated
  • Brightness – Lumens not stated but visible from 30 feet away
  • Battery life – States 24 hours but not sure in what mode
  • Power sources – Built in USB rechargeable batteries (add states battery required but it is included)
  • Buyer rating – 4/5 (from 190+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $12.99

The Snowcinda 5 LED flashlight beanie is available in a few different color options and comes with a USB rechargeable lighting unit which like the beanies above can be removed for charging and washing. The beanie is similar to a few of the other’s on review but benefits from some great color options.


TAGVO USB Rechargeable LED Beanie Cap


TARVO Flashlight beanie

  • Material – not stated
  • Brightness – not stated
  • Battery life – 4 hours
  • Power sources – Built in USB rechargeable battery
  • Buyer rating – 4.5/5 )(from 50+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $13.99

This offering from Tagvo also features a built in rechargeable USB lighting unit, it has the option of a white, blue or blue light and can be used in a constant on mode or a flashing mode.

The beanie is a one size fits most and is also unisex.



POWERCAP Flashlight beanie


  • Material – Fleece lined
  • Brightness – 48 lumens
  • Battery life – Up to 68 hours
  • Power sources – 4 x CR 2032 button battieries
  • Buyer rating – 4.5/5 (500+ buyers)
  • Best Price – $19.99


The powercap beanie is a very popular choice and comes with a high star rating from 100’s of buyers, it features 4 LED lights and has the highest stated brightness on test with 48 lumens. This product uses a different power source than the other beanies, (using 4 x CR 2032 batteries) which are included. This power option gives the user a longer run time than the other beanies and can be easily changed over to a new set of batteries.

This is the most expensive flashlight beanie on test but also has the most reviews so you know your be getting a great product that has more than satisfied it’s owners.



A flashlight beanie can be a handy thing on a long cold night, keeping you warm and lighting your way or keeping you visible to others, there are many great choices nowadays with lighting units getting smaller and brighter, why not keep your head warm and your path clear with a trendy flashlight beanie.

If you have any comments or would like to add your own review please leave a comment below.

Keychain Flashlight – Don’t Leave Home Without One

keychain light

Have you ever been searching for something in the dark and wished you had a handy flashlight nearby to help your?

mini flashlight

Well with modern developments in batteries and LED bulbs. You can have the convenience of a bright flashlight that’s small enough to fit on your key chain with your keys, there are some great options available nowadays.

So let’s have a look at some of my favorite keychain flashlight products, I have started with the lowest price and listed each lights key features for easy comparison.

The OLIGHT i3E Keychain Light

Olight I3E

  • With 90 lumens of light and a beam distance of up to 44 meters
  • IPX8 water resistance (can withstand water immersion in 1 meter of water)
  • 1.5 meter impact resistance
  • 44 minutes of light on a single AAA battery
  • Size – 2.38 x 0.55″ (60.5mm x 14mm)
  • Weight – 0.26oz (7.9g)
  • Power source – single AAA battery
  • 5 year warranty
  • Best price $9.95
  • Star Rating 7/10

This is a great entry level key chain light and coming from a very well respected flashlight manufacture you known you’re getting a quality product, this product is not the brightest on test but with a IPX8 water resistance and an impact resistance of 1.5 meters, it’s a great buy for the price.


Mini Keychain Flashlight With Micro USB Rechargeable


mini flashlight usb

  • With up to 200 lumens of light
  • IPX7 water resistance (can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water up to 30 minutes)
  • shockproof (no stated rating)
  • 2.5 hours of run time at 200 lumens
  • Size – 1.65 x 0.5″ (42mm x 12.7mm)
  • Weight – 0.42oz (12g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion battery
  • Best price $15.99
  • Star Rating 8/10

With this pocket flashlight you’re getting a handy 200 lumens of light, an excellent battery run time, shock and water resistance and is the first to offer USB rechargeable Li-ion battery technology.



EverBrite LED Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight

Everbrite keychain light


  • With up to 160 lumens of light
  • IPX4 water resistant (splashing water resistant)
  • 1 meter shockproof
  • 2 hours run time at 160 lumens
  • Size – 2.5 x 0.81″ (62mm x 20mm)
  • Weight – not stated
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion battery
  • Best price $18.49
  • Star rating 8/10

The EverBrite flashlight with is similar to the above pocket flashlight in many ways, the only noticeable difference I would mention is the use of a CREE LED light unit, CREE as known for their outstanding build quality and long life cycle.



Aurora A3 LED Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight


550 lumen keychain light

  • With an incredible 550 lumens of light
  • IP65 water resistant (Splashing water resistant)
  • 1.5 meter impact resistant
  • Run time – not stated
  • Size – 2.12 x 0.57″ (54mm x 14mm)
  • Weight – 0.5oz (14g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion Battery
  • Best price $29.95
  • Star rating 9/10

Now we are stepping it up a notch with this offering from Aurora, this flashlight offer a test leading 550 lumens! the flashlight is using a rechargeable Li-ion battery but there is no statement of run time for the light which as well as the water resistance not being as high as other flashlights has stopped me giving the light a 10/10.



Nitecore TIP 360 Lumen USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight


nitecore tip

  • With 360 lumens of light
  • IP54 water resistant (Splashing water resistant)
  • 1.5 meter impact resistant
  • Run time – 30 minutes at 360 lumens
  • Size – 2.39 x 0.96 x 0.54″ (60.8mm x 24.5mm x 13.8mm)
  • Weight – 0.83oz (23.5g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion Battery
  • Best price $29.95
  • Star rating 9/10

The Nitecore TIP is a fantastic pocket flashlight with 360 lumens and some great design features like the clip that acts as a button protector to stop accidental operation or used to attach to a cap for example. This is a great choice and well trusted by many owners.



SureFire Sidekick USB Keychain Flashlight


surefire sidekick

  • With 300 lumens of light
  • Water resistant – not stated
  • Impact resistant – not stated
  • Run time – 1.25 hours at 300 lumens
  • Size – 2.5 x 1″ (63.5mm x 25.4mm)
  • Weight – 2oz (56g)
  • Power source – USB rechargeable built in Li-ion Battery
  • Best price $63.90
  • Star rating 9/10

This offering from SureFire has to be up there with the best of them with a high lumen output and a solid run time, it’s a tiny light packing some major power. I just wish Surefire would publish water resistance and impact resistance ratings.




Well hopefully my handy guild can help you make an informed decision about what would be the best key chain flashlight for you, so just remember to consider things light brightness, battery life, resistance ratings, size and weight before you order your next or first key chain flashlight.

If you have any questions on would like to add something please leave a comment below.

Best Bike Lights – What’s Best For You??

women riding at night

Light permeates our lives. From office buildings to homes to neighborhood street lamps to cellphone flashlights to bike lights, electricity has revolutionized how our society lives. Now, you can purchase powerful tiny lights to mount on the front of your bike to stay safe. Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, nothing will stop you from your favorite pastime. So keep reading to find out what would be the best bike lights for your needs.

bike light old school


The bicycle was invented in 1817 which means it predates electricity by nearly 60 years. At the time, any artificial lighting that a bike used was produced by a flame. Both candle lamps and kerosene headlamps were utilized on early bikes to both light the way of the rider and alert individuals that bikers were approaching.

Next, in 1911, incandescent bulbs were created. The bike was finally moving towards an electric light, but the incandescent bulb certainly wasn’t perfect. For one, the bulbs were highly inefficient. Additionally, most of the battery power was put out of the bulb as heat, not as visible light. This meant that the bulb just got hotter and hotter which isn’t the most practical option for a bike.

Not long after, battery-powered lamps started to become available. From around 1920 to 1980, zinc-carbon, non-rechargeable dry cell batteries were the most utilized type of bike lights. Following that, rechargeable batteries became more mainstream and they are more common for today’s use.

road bike night time

What’s Available Now

Today, there’s a variety of options if you’re looking for bike lights. You’re no longer limited to just one specific type and you can select features based on the activities you most often utilize your bike for. Below are three options that you can choose from. There are a variety of features like working time, light modes, and radius to select, and some of these may be better suited based on how you use your bike on a daily basis. The lights also vary in prices according to their features. What’s most important when selecting a bike light is doing research. Understanding what you want and what will fit your needs is the best thing that you can do before investing.

My Top Three Choice’s

Entry Level Bike Light Set

Raniaco 800 lumens bicycle light set


The Raniaco front and back light set is great for an entry level cycle light set, it comes with an 800 lumen front light that has a battery life of up to 6 hours on low light setting and 3 hours on high light output setting, it’s battery life is not as good as some other light sets in this review but still good value for money.


The front light is USB rechargeable and comes fitted with a 1200mah Li-ion battery and takes up to 2.5 hours to fully charge, there are 5 light modes and it a water resistance rating of IPX4 which is splash resistant.

The rear light is a little more simple and I would look at it as a freebie your getting as a bonus when buying the front light but saying that it does come with a choice of three modes and is plenty bright enough for normal use.

This light has just over 75% of 5 star reviews on amazon and is less than $25!!

Raniaco bike light

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Mid Range Bike Light Set

BrightRoad – The Original LED Bicycle Rechargeable Light Set

This bike light set consists of a front 800 lumens headlight and a red rear light with a visible range of over 3000 meters, both the front and rear light are USB rechargeable and have a run time of up to 18 hours for the front and 24 hours for the rear light. There are differing lighting options available and both lights come with a level of water resistance.

The front and rear light are both detachable for charging but this also makes the lights suitable for use as a flashlight if needing, during a power outage, emergency situation or just camping for example.

What I like about the light is the built in rechargeable battery’s and having over 300 (5 star) reviews on amazon must mean this lighting set is doing something right.


bright road original

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High End Bike Light Set

Bright Eyes 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Light Set

The Bright Eyes rechargeable bike light comes with a massive 1600 lumens of brightness thanks to it’s CREE T6 LED technology, having a battery pack that’s mounted separately to the light unit can put some people off but this allows the light be run longer and offer far more light than other bike lights, with over 4 hours of light on its brightness setting (1600 lumens) your not going to have to worry about your battery failing mid ride.

The Light and the battery are fully waterproof and come with a helmet mounting harness if helmet mounting suits the user more, there are of course many lighting modes and the light comes with a dedicated charger and an aluminum multi-function tail light. With an average rating from over 800 reviews of 4.5 star you know your on to a winner with this beast of a bike light.

bright eyes 1600 lumen

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When looking for a bike light, knowing what’s out there is the first step to success. Bike lights have come a long way since flames were first used to light the path of bike riders in the 19th century. Today, bikes lights are crucial to ensuring you’re safe on the roads or trail and you’re able to get to where you’re going without any mishaps. Invest in one of the above lights that suit your preferences and be on your way!

Surefire Flashlights – Are These The Best Flashlights To Buy In 2019

Surefire color option

With the presence of electricity and modern digital devices in today’s society, you might be led to believe that flashlights have lost their relevance and the world has moved on to other illuminating devices. But not so, flashlights are still very relevant in society and important for almost every situation, from night travels to emergency, disaster and security situations. Even more, top flashlight manufacturing brands in the world have done a quite amazing job with regularly updating flashlight technology and designs to meet contemporary situations and needs.

It does not matter if you are a law enforcement agent, an emergency service personnel or an outdoor expert, or you just want a simple and portable illumination device, one thing is certain –you must own a good and high-quality torchlight to function effectively. However, it is also really important that you purchase from a reliable and well-known brand. This is exactly where the Surefire Flashlights come in. As an industry leader in the flashlight market, this brand is sure going to satisfy your illumination needs.


Here Are Some Of The Best Surefire Flashlights You Should Own In 2019


The Surefire G2X Series LED Flashlight:-

The Surefire G2X Series LED Flashlight is one of the best flashlights any individual can own. The product is pretty much indestructible and has a very high-quality build that consumers are sure going to appreciate. The product also comes with two output levels which will allow users to choose just the exact amount of light they need at any situation. You can either choose the high setting for more illumination or the low setting to guarantee you a longer run time. The Flashlight is also built with really strong materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Plus, it could just come in hand in minor security situations. There are also color option’s and different body style’s available, I like the yellow bodied models, it would be hard to loss!

Surefire G2X

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The Surefire Tactician LED Flashlight:-

Of course, the Surefire Flashlight brand is best known and has earned a reputation among law enforcement agents and other consumers for its extremely high-powered LED light and maximum durability among many other amazing features. The Surefire tactician LED Flashlight takes this experience to a whole new level as it provides professionals in diverse fields like the police, mining industry, etc. with these trademark features and even better. The Flashlight can provide up to about 800 lumens of light which singles it out as one of the most powerful LED light sources in it’s category. This definitely will give professionals an edge on the field and of course can be very helpful in security situations. This flashlight can also be used to start a fire if needed.


Surefire Tactician

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The Surefire Defender Series LED Flashlight:-

if you are in search for a personal Surefire Flashlight that could also serve as a defence in security situations, then this is exactly what you are looking for. Considered as one of the best defender flashlights you could find anywhere today, the flashlight is strongly built with quality and strong materials to help users build self-confidence, fight off aggressors and serve as a tool for personal defence in dangerous situations.

Surefire Defender

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The fact that the Surefire Flashlight brand is one of the best flashlight brands across the world today is pretty much indisputable. Some of the best flashlights from this brand you should own in the year 2019 have been highlighted in this article.

The Surefire flashlight range is in no way extensive but the products that Surefire offer are so well-made and developed that they cover a lot of situation’s and offer the user outstanding build quality and unrivalled reliability.

If you have any questions or would like to add something you think I have missed please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Nitecore Flashlights – Are They The Best In The Market?


Have you heard of Nitecore before? well if you have not you must have been living under a rock! Yes the company was only founded in 2007 but they have been taking home awards for fun winning:-

  • The American international design award (IDEA
  • The German iF design award
  • The Red dot design award
  • The Japanese G-Mark for good design

They are best known for their flashlights and battery chargers, They design and manufacture product’s for camper’s, hiker’s diver’s, cyclists, mountaineers and many other sports. Their products are the choice of professionals and amateurs alike, due to the incredible build quality and market leading features.

Nitecore flashlights are really the best for you’re chosen sport or hobby.


Nitecore TIP 2017 Key chain Flashlight

If it’s the convenience of a key chain flashlight you’re looking for the Nitecore Tip 2017 would be a great choice, with a built in 500ma Li-ion rechargeable battery and up to 360 lumens of power, it’s a true power rocket, the flashlight also comes with a clip allowing the light to affix to a cap peak or pocket. The flashlight can run for up to 46 hours on a low power setting.

nitecore keychain black

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Nitecore EC23 1800 Lumens Flashlight

The Nitecore EC23 flashlight boasting 1800 lumens and a beam distance of 278 yards is a real masterpiece. It is incredibly robust with an impact resistance of 1.5 meter’s and a IPX8 water resistance (submersible up to 2 meters)

The flashlight has a run time of up to 330 hours if used with a 8A 18650 li-ion battery that is supplied it also comes with a belt pouch and a charger.



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Nitecore HC60 1000 Lumens LED Headlamp

If you’re looking for hands free lighting, be it for camping, biking, caving or walking the Nitecore HC60 is a fantastic choice, it’s 1000 lumens will guide you in any situation and having a weight of less than 5 oz, you will not even notice it’s on you’re head. The light has a beam distance of 128 yards not as far as a hand flashlight due to it having a fixed zoom but, the lighting angle of 90 degrees makes it very user friendly.

The head torch comes with a run time of up to 680 hours in ultra low mode. It is supplied with a built in charging port, a single 18650 li-ion battery and a charging cable.

hc60 nitecore


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If you have any questions or would like to leave your own review on one of the above Nitecore products please leave a comment and I’ll will get back to you.





Emergency Flashlight – A Real Must Have

Flashlight in tunnel

If it’s a power outage, a car breakdown or a zombie apocalypse an emergency flashlight is a must. Of course, you do have a few options other than a flashlight but to be honest they’re not great, you could use a candle or a glow stick / light stick both of these are fine for short term use but a candle needs a match or a lighter and is no good for the road side and a glow stick will only last around 12 hours max in a warm climate, so I would say a flashlight is the way to go.

Types of Emergency Flashlights

When it comes to emergency flashlight you have a few options; a standard battery operated flashlight, a hand crank flashlight or a light that is constantly plugged into the mains and will illuminate if there is a power outage.


Battery Operated Flashlight

OK I am going to further break this down into 2 categories:-

  • Lantern type lighting

Lantern lights are more of a room or area lighting option and will light a 360 degree area around the light so will fill a room or your personal campsite area. They are super popular will campers for this reason and can be a great solution for a power cut.

I would recommend this emergency lantern as it’s USB rechargeable or powered by standard D and AA size batteries and has removable flashlights that can be used independently if needed.



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  • Standard flashlights

A standard LED flashlight is great for pin point lighting and can also light a room if the beam focus is adjustable, a battery powered flashlight will produce more light but have a slightly more limited battery life.

The Olight S30R III would be my choice for the above lighting needs, as it can be left on charge so no need to worry about the battery being flat. It has a fantastic battery life if used on a lower power setting (up to 130 hours on 12 lumens mode). It has a magnetic base, great for a car breakdown and can easily fit in a pocket due to it’s compact size.

olight S20r flashlight

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To learn more about my favourite flashlights visit :-

>>Best Flashlight Review Top 10<<

Hand Crank Flashlight

A hand crank flashlight is a great maintenance free option as you don’t need to worry about batteries being charged or spare batteries being available. The light output will, in general, be lower than a battery powered flashlight but again you don’t need to worry about batteries so they can be really handy.

This purpose build emergency flashlight is designed for a car crash or breakdown but it has so many features. It would be great for camping or a home black out. One of the features that stands out for me is the ability to charge you phone from the flashlight so you don’t need to worry about your phone going flat and not being able to contact or be contacted.


hand crank emergency flashlight

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Constant Mains Powered Light

This light will be plugged in to a wall socket and triggered by a power outage so when your neighbours houses go black, your house will still have a light source right away. It can be removed from the wall and if fully charged be used as a standalone flashlight for 24 hours.

The Bluetech LED flashlight is a great choice if you are looking for an emergency light for the home. When a power cut happens, it will automatically turn on and can be used without a charge for up to 24 hours. The light has a motion detector and can be an absolute life saver during a emergency or power cut.

bluetech led flashlight

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So don’t leave it to chance and be left in the dark! When the next power cut or emergency situation happens make sure you’re prepared with a flashlight, so you and your family are safe and ready for any situation.


If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you.





Lumens Chart – Lumens / Watts / Well Known Light Sources

Lumen Scale

If you are struggling to work out how bright a flashlight or a LED bulb is or what to compare it to, well you’r in luck I have put together a handy lumens chart and a few pictures for you’r comparison, showing you all you need to know about lumens and what to look out for.

Lumen Scale

The Importance Of The Lumens Chart

What is the connection between an LED light and the Lumens chart? You’ve probably wondered about this whenever the word “Lumen” comes to mind. Well, the technology behind lighting and basic lighting equipment goes beyond what meets the eye. A lot of processes are involved when it comes to manufacturing the perfect flashlight, as well as other lighting solutions. In recent years, the LED flashlight has become one of the most sought-after equipment in the homes, garage or outdoors.

Asides from the numerous benefits like; an optional battery, a great shelf life, and other amazing features, its brightness are second to none. The brightness of an LED flashlight and other variations are as a result of the Lumens present in them.

A lot of people are not knowledgeable about what exactly a Lumen and the Lumens Chart has to do with the brightness of lighting equipment. However, this article will enlighten you on what these terms mean and why they are necessary.

Car Headlight !000 Lumen

What Is A Lumen?

The term “Lumen” stands for light, which are a no-brainer considering the fact that it are a measure of the brightness of the light. Just as Watts is the measure of energy in a light, Lumens is used to tell how bright a light is. The brightness of a light in any lighting solution largely depends on the purpose of its use. Now, for years, the world has been purchasing bulbs based on the watts (energy) however, now this is done based on the lumens. The Lumens are a more accurate way of determining which bulb is better to use depending on what exactly it is used for. The brightness of light used in a flashlight is quite different from those used for surgery, which is where the Lumens Chart comes into play.

Candle light = 12 Lumens

What Is The Lumens Chart?

As mentioned before, for years, we have purchased bulbs based on their watts. However, now it has been phased out by law, as the watts isn’t the equivalent of how bright a bulb can be. Hence, it is important to know the exact amount of lumens needed in a specified area. It is, also, important to note the correct type of bulb needed to project the brightness of a specific bulb. The Lumens Chart depicts the Watts needed for different types of light bulb to project the required Lumens.

This chart is important because converting the Watts of a light bulb to its desired Lumens can be difficult. Hence, the chart makes it easier to get an accurate figure you could work with. The Lumens chart provides the accurate lumen for incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, as well as, LEDs.


With the Lumens chart available to you, getting the right amount of brightness in you’r lighting solution will be easier and more efficient. Also, you end up saving more energy and money you might have spent on the energy bills.



Head Torch – Useful Hands Free Lighting

LED Head Torch

If you are looking for a hands free lighting solution a head torch is a great choice, they can be super bright point where you want them to point and are great for a mechanic, adventure sports, walking, camping, hunting and fishing.

What Is A Head Torch?

old miner's head lamp


Commonly known as a headlamp or a headlight but more recently known as a head torch, it is a helmet or head mounted light that’s powered by its own battery, headlamps where first used by minors using a naked flame mounted to a hard hat!!

Nowadays the majority of head torches are have LED bulbs and powered by a lithium ion battery packs, they benefit from a long bulb life, great battery run time and fantastic brightness.

What To Look Out For When Buying A New Head Torch


You have 3 main features to consider when looking to buy a new head torch:

  • Brightness

Flashlight and torch brightness will be advertised in most cases using the lumen scale, the higher the lumen’s the brighter the flashlight or torch will be: “a cell phone flash will be around 10 lumens and a car’s low beam headlight will be around 700 lumens just for scale”

  • Battery option’s and battery life

Some head torches’s will use rechargeable li-ion batteries and some will use standard AA or AAA batteries, as with most electrical products the higher the output quicker the battery’s will be depleted. I personally prefer li-ion as you can pick a battery with a longer battery life yet still the same size, to read more about 18650 li-ion batteries please see my other post:-

>What are the best 18650 bateries<

  • Water resistance

Water resistance is not something that everyone will require but its definitely something to keep in mind and can be an indication about how well a head torch has been manufactured.

Water resistance scale guide:-

IPX Rating Chart


Entry Level Head Torch Recommendation


Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

With 165 Lumens and a 200-foot beam, this entry level head torch is great for general use and comes with a 3 x AAA battery compartment “3 AAA Energizer batteries included” a swivel torch head just like higher priced Head torch’s is lightweight and has a battery run time of up to 45 hours

Foxelli Head Torch

Mid Range Head Torch Recommendation

The LED Flashlight Headlight Kit

This head torch claim’s to be 10000 lumens!!! I don’t know if that’s correct but i personally own this head torch and it is crazy bright, it comes’s with three individual beams’s and has differing brightness option, including a strobe,

The head torch get’s its power from 2 x 18650 li-ion batteries and comes’s with a car charger, wall charger and USB charger, the head straps are adjustable as is the angle of the torch beams’s, it also benefit’s from a IP65 water resistance rating and is light enough to forget its even on you are head.

LED Head Torch

High End Head Torch Recommendation



COAST HL8 615 Lumen LED Headlamp

The COAST HL8 is a modern work of art in my eye’s the build quality is in a league of its own in the head torch field and comes with some great features,

The head torch comes with a twist optical focus so you can floor the area with light or pin point a specific area with high intensity light if needed, the head torch run’s off 4 x AA batteries and the battery compartment can be mounted on the head torch straps or on to the user’s belt,

It has a run time of up to 64 hours, a rating of 615 lumens and of course the beam angle can be adjusted just like the other head torches I have mentioned.

Coast HL8


So if you need a head torch for cycling, fishing, walking to name a few you can’t go wrong with choosing one of the above torches, just make sure you choose the right head torch for you are needs.

If you have any questions or would like to give you are own review on one of the above torch’s or think I have missed one please leave a comment below I will get back to you as soon as I can.




Rechargeable LED Flashlight – Rechargeable Flashlights What A Bright Idea

P20r Main image

A Review Of The Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Rechargeable LED Flashlights have become a necessity in the list of items used in a home. Prior to recently, flashlights worked on simple batteries that couldn’t be charged. However, now, more and more people demand rechargeable LED flashlights basically for its durability and illumination.

Like it or not, some of the best flashlights in the world are rechargeable LED flashlights. These flashlights are manufactured with a dedicated battery created specifically for that them, which leads to greater output. The major part of a rechargeable LED flashlight is its batteries.

While some are manufactured to accommodate batteries that can be taken out and charged, others have internal batteries.

Most rechargeable LED flashlights use a Li-ion battery, as they do not have custom batteries; however, they have an internal charger. This is a major advantage, as it helps in controlling the charging process. Hence, flashlights that do not have an internal charging option might not be as durable, because it might lead to overcharging their batteries. This is the major problem with cheaper varieties of led flashlights. There are, also, led flashlights that can be charged with a USB and even plugged into a wall.

What Technology Does A Rechargeable Led Flashlight Use?

Rechargeable LED flashlights make use of the Light Emitting Diode technology to transmit power and work efficiently. LEDs are used for so many other technological products like a clock, traffic light, watches, and so many other items. LEDs are basically tiny bulbs that illuminate once they are fitted into a circuit. You might be wondering what’s really the difference between LEDs and regular incandescent bulbs. The answer is super straightforward and very easy. Unlike regular incandescent bulbs, they do not possess a filament that can burn out easily, plus they don’t get as hot when in use.

In other words, they are much more durable, as they have a longer shelf life when compared to regular incandescent bulbs. These tiny bulbs are slowly replacing incandescent light bulbs, because of their lasting power and versatility. They are also being used to produce really slim LCD televisions, because they can accommodate smaller spaces and their output is phenomenal.

Types Of Batteries Used In Rechargeable Led Flashlights

As mentioned before, the battery is the major component of a rechargeable LED flashlight, and there are two major types used. Most expensive LED flashlights have a different type of battery compared to a regular one. However, here are the two major types of batteries you are likely to find in a rechargeable led flashlight;

  • Removable Batteries

A lot of quality brands of rechargeable led flashlights use removable batteries in making their flashlights. As a matter of fact, some of these flashlights come with an extra set of batteries. This feature does not only give the user an option of having other backup batteries but also, charging them properly. The advantages of removable batteries are the fact that you don’t have to wait until your flashlight is full before using. Also, in an advent of the battery getting bad, replacing it is cheaper and easier when compared to a non-removable battery option.

  • Non- Removable Batteries

Non-removable battery options are used also in making rechargeable LED flashlights. These batteries are created specifically for use in a specific flashlight. They cannot be replaced if it ever gets faulty; also, it is at a risk of becoming overcharged. The durability isn’t the best, because it cannot be replaced, hence the flashlight itself needs to be replaced once the battery is bad.

While there are so many options of rechargeable LED flashlight on the market, there are a few that come close to none. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the most durable options of the rechargeable LED flashlight. All the necessary information, specifications, and reviews from the usage will be provided for easy understanding.

P20r led flashlight

FiTorch P20R LED Rechargeable USB CREE XP-L, Black

The Fitorch P20R LED rechargeable flashlight is a great flashlight used mainly by patrol officers and other agents. This slender, Tri compact flashlight has an 1180 Lumens output and an embedded USB port, which makes it an easily rechargeable device. It, also, doubles as a charger for mobile phones and can be used in everyday outdoor activities. It has over 5 brightness switching modes, which gives control to the user at every point in time.

This flashlight comes in handy with several outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, backpacking, camping, and walking.

Major Features


P20r waterproof






Some major features of the Fitorch P20R Rechargeable Led Flashlight, which also, doubles as its advantages are;


  • Battery Life

One of the major features and the importance of using the Fitotch P2
0R Rechargeable Led Flashlight is its battery life. This flashlight has a maximum run time of 120 hours (5 days). It, also, has an 1180 Lumens output for better illumination and usage.


  • 5 Brightness Modes

Another amazing feature of this rechargeable led flashlight is the ability of its user to choose between 5 different modes of brightness depending on their preferences. These modes are either high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. This feature is especially great for people who are sensitive to too much light and require minimal brightness.

Dual Switches

A lot of consumers usually complain about finding it difficult to switch on and off their LED flashlights. However, the Fitorch rechargeable led flashlight comes with dual switches that signify which is to switch on and off.

  • USB Port

It also comes with a USB port, which makes it very easy to charge, plus, it doubles as a power bank. Hence, you can decide to power up your phones whenever you decide.

  • Metal Filmed Reflector

It possesses a metal filmed reflector, which creates a high energy beam, causing each brightness level to be at its peak.

  • Power Level Indicators

Akin to most high quality LED flashlights, the Fitorch Rechargeable LED flashlight comes with red and green indicators. These indicators tell its users about the battery situation; red for a low battery and green for when the battery is full. This goes a step further in protecting the battery from damage.

  • Memory Mode

The memory mode allows this flashlight to sustain a specific mode even after it is turned off. This way, a user doesn’t necessarily have to start a process all over again.


  • Advanced Temperature Regulation Technology (ATR)

The shelf life of the Fitorch LED flashlight is one of the most amazing features of this device. One of the major factors that contribute to this is its temperature technology. This controls the temperature of the internal panel, which helps in increasing its shelf life.

  • Water ResistantIf you’re thinking about how durable this device is, then this should convince you. This rechargeable LED flashlight is water resistant to IPX8 the highest level a flashlight can receive, so can withstand dire weather conditions.

Package Contents:


P20r accessories

The Fitorch P20R rechargeable LED flashlight comes with a number of items in its package. They are;

● 1 LED Flashlight

● 1 Holster

● 1 USB Cable

● 1 Lanyard

● 1 Snap Cap

● 1 Key Ring

● 1 O-ring

● 1 Pocket Clip

● 1 USB OTG Kit

All of which are necessary in the duration of usage, as well as, setting up the device.

Pros & Cons Of Using The Fitorch P20R Rechargeable LED Flashlight


There are so many pros and cons when using this device. Some pros are;

● It is lightweight (0.875kg) and very convenient for travel.

● It is water resistant to IPX8

● It has 5 brightness modes

● It is super easy to use

● It has several features that protect it’s batteries; Temperature control technology, power level indicators, and others.


The only con is the price, which might be relatively expensive. The price range for this flashlight is over $55 depending on your location.


Rechargeable LED flashlights have become one of the most purchased lighting solutions when compared with headlamps. The Fitorch P20R is a great choice, as it serves many purposes. This flashlight is great if your just starting out on your first flashlight or looking for a flashlight that’s dependable and honest.



If you have any question’s or would like to leave your own review please feel welcome to do so.